Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Report - Tiles and Motorcycles

It was a beautiful spring weekend here in OK.  Sunday actually turned off fairly cool.  It was a working weekend for us.  Saturday we started the tile work in the bathroom.  Months ago, we did the counter, but we never have finished the tub and shower.  Jesse is ready for us to be out of her bathroom completely.  We have plans to redo her bathroom when ours is complete. Completing ours has been low on the list of things to do. But we got a good start Saturday.  I did most of the tile work with Jesse and Toby helping out now and then.  They had some other errands like loading up her motorcycles and taking them to town for repair.  She wants to sell the Ninja, since she does not ride it much.

She loves her Yamaha, but if you remember last year - her trip to the Red River was a bit of a fiasco. The motorcycle broke down miles from any road and had to be pushed home.  This is the photo she took of Lindz - very dramatic. The Yamaha has been covered in mud from the river setting in the barn for the rest of the year.  Anyway, Jes and Toby spent some time working with the cycles - getting one ready to sell and one ready to ride.

Sunday we were a bit lazier.  I did a bit of work on upholstery.  Toby cleaned on the bicycles - amazing how dirty they get over the winter.   We have lots to keep us busy, but sometimes we work hard one day and kick back the next.  Never fear that we will work too hard, although I am pretty sore from the tile work.

I'm not enjoying the new blogger - it will not let me move my photos around like it used to.  Any knowledge would be appreciated.


Jo Castillo said...

I started using the new blogger back when as a test and stuck with it. I am now used to it and don't remember that it is new. Ha. I'm not sure what you mean by moving the pictures around, I ususally just center mine. It does let me drag them up or down. Sorry can't help.

Love the photo of Lindz. : )

Glad to hear of progress with the house.

Buck said...

I'm no help in the picture placement, either. Like Jo, I know Blogger will let you move photos around to a very limited extent. I always just put my cursor where I want the photo to be and then choose the placement option... left, right, or center... and hope for the best.

In re: mo'sickles. It's Spring. The Fever has struck. I'm thinkin' about buying one of these (Blue/Black, just like the one in the pic) but I have to sell El Casa Móvil De Pennington first. I should get on that.

Bag Blog said...

I always dragged my photos, but this will take some getting used to.

Bag Blog said...

I saw one of those three wheel motorcycles and thought of you. I don't git the Fever - never have.