Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More Finished Chairs

The whole purpose in taking the upholstery class last spring was to be able to upholster my three funky chairs. My friend, the Junk Diva, said that my three chairs would be too easy and that I should take a more complicated chair to work on in class - the lounge chair - so that I would learn more about upholstery.  Throughout the class as I wrestled with that lounger, I cussed her.  She was probably right, though, but it has taken me a while to get my three chairs done (mostly due to procrastination and the first bad material that did not work).  In the meantime, I sent my white leather couch to a professional upholsterer. I do know my limits.  I had it covered in some regular material rather than leather.  It is much more comfy that way and cheaper.  What you see in the above photo is the three chairs - finished -  except for some finish tacks and maybe that black mesh stuff under the chair that the dogs eventually rip up. You can see my couch done professionally.  That rocking chair was one of my parent's first purchases after they married in 1955. You may also notice that I do not have paintings or pics on the walls.  I do have a plan.  Toby is making me a cubbyhole cabinet for books and nic-nacs to go against one wall.  I also have a plan to make some little end tables.  And I plan on sewing some throw pillows from the left over material.  When I get it all in place, I will put up my wall stuff. There is something I like about the blank walls - kind of like blank white paper before I start painting.
Here is a close up of the flowered material for the armed chair and the two blue armless chairs.  As I have mentioned before, these three chairs came out of the old Young's Ranch in Red River.  They had been re-covered many times.

On a different note:  I was looking back through my sitemeter and noticed that someone had spent some time and looked through several pages of past posts.  It is fun to see where people are from and what brought them to my blog.  Someone had been to my hairdresser rant written over three years ago.  Then I noticed there were several more anonymous comments on that post, and some of them were ugly.  Obviously the comments were left by hairdressers.  It was kind of funny since the point of my post was that my hairdresser had been unprofessional making me question her intelligence, and some comments were unprofessional and made me question the writers' intelligence. I thought about commenting back - just for my own satisfaction - but I probably won't.  It is just my blog, written for fun and for me.  Sheesh, people get a life!


Buck said...

Wow... you're right: a couple of those comments were most certainly ugly. I'd think about deleting them.

Nice job on the chairs!

My walls are still mostly blank and I've been in this place for about ten months now. I hung my "flown over Iraq" flag in the office and my antique Ottoman scimitar in the living room... that's it. And it'll prolly stay that way, too, unless ya wanna send me a painting. ;-)

Bag Blog said...

You never know - I might have a few things left over after I put up pictures.

Becky G said...

Great job on the chairs! I'm not much of a decorator myself. I've just got a few photos on the walls, and nothing in the bedrooms or bathroom. I just don't have the eye for it.

Bag Blog said...

Becky, I find that if I collect things I like - colors I like - it all comes together eventually. I don't try anything too fancy.

Mrs. G said...

Those comments were just tacky. I did laugh about the "I'm not a rocket scientist, but I DO MIX CHEMICALS." That's like me stating "I'm NOT A WORLD FAMOUS AUTHOR...BUT I DO HAVE A BLOG." Sheesh! ;)

Bag Blog said...

Funny thang is, I do know how much chemistry it takes to get a beautician license - less than a chemistry class in high school. Yeah, it made me laugh too.