Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fun

Toby got up earlier than usual yesterday causing me to wake up too.  All day I was a bit draggy. I went out to the barn to do some pottery while it was still the cool of the morning.  But it clouded up and the wind started blowing as if we might get a storm.  Not wanting to be stuck in the barn, I finished up my pots and came in. When it did start raining, I decided it was time for a nap.  The rain did not last long, but I slept on.  Rain makes me lazy.  In fact, it was a day of serious procrastination.

Last night when Toby got home, we bottled and capped his home brew. His job was to siphon the beer from the big bottle to the beer bottles.  My job was to cap the bottles.  We bottled two cases and a six-pack.

This morning I went to a neighbor's barn where they had set up a cross-fit type gym.  I worked out with several ladies.  It was not a particularly hard workout, which is good.  It was enough to move and bend and stretch and start me.  I liked it and will probably go back.  It sure was convenient rather than having to go to town.  I do need to get in shape for Paris - ya know!

I'm off to town now to pick up the GGs for lunch with Crewcraw. 

Buck, GBN2 said she was going to be a "big sister!" We will see how well she likes that.


Buck said...

We will see how well she likes that.

I think it'll be more interesting to see how the BOY grandbaby likes that... over the years. ;-)

As for the beer bottling... yum!

Bag Blog said...

Yes, we will see. Her mother is talking up "the big sister" thang.

Becky G said...

I hope she does better than I did. I didn't like being a big sister.

Bag Blog said...

I think she will like being a big sister, but she may not like that she is not the baby of the family anymore.