Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Good Day

This exercising in the morning sure messes up my coffee drinking, but it is necessary. And my muscles are screaming at me. I'd much rather be playing on the computer and drinking coffee and eating bonbons, but that is what got me in this shape in the first place.

 I've also been using the early morning hours to do some pottery.  It has finally cooled off a bit - making working in the barn okay.  These are the pots I have done and are now drying.  When I get lots more pots thrown, I will fire them in the kiln, glaze them, and fire them again.  Toby and I have also been using the barn to make shelves - or cubby-hole shelves as the Diva calls them.  We still need to put a back on the shelves and paint them.  In the background (looking through a cubby-hole) you can just catch a glimpse of the bathroom medicine cabinets.  We made those, too.  They just need Toby to put the mirrors on the front.  And voila (walla - for you Okies)! I won't have to share Jesse's bathroom mirror anymore. Well, I might just pester her now and then.

After trimming a pot this morning, I drove to WF to run some errands and have lunch with Mom.  I think she is doing much better, although she is still pretty slow and sore.  We went to Harbor Freight (I love that store) to get a new belt sander.  It makes me feel like a real woman to be able to go in there and pick out a belt sander to Toby's specifications and then find and choose belts to go with it - all without asking for help. I'm the woman!

Next we had lunch, which almost made me crazy.  I'm never hard on a wait-staff, but dang it, I do expect certain things - like asking me what I want to drink and then taking my order.  One girl stopped at our table to ask if we had been waited on. When we said no, she said she would go check, but never came back.  I had to stop another girl and ask her to find us a wait-person.  The correct answer would have been to say, "I can do that for you" and take our order.  But she left to find out who was suppose to wait on us.  She eventually came back and took our order.  We were not in a hurry and were very patient with people at Cheddars, but geeze louise! Or as GBN2 would say - figuah it out!

Mom and I went to Market Street and Sam's.  At the grocery store Mom drove one of those electric carts, which made shopping much quicker for her and easier on me.  When we got to Sam's, she did not think they had electric carts and chose to sit in the car.  Once inside I saw that they did have the carts. Never having driven one, I shot out of the parking place and nearly backed over the standard grocery carts.  I drove the cart out to the parking lot to get Mom - pulling up between my car and an SUV.  Mom got on and put it in reverse and shot out of the parking spot nearly hitting the SUV.  Of course we both squealed and then had to stop and laugh before we could go any farther. 

The temps were in the high 70's - maybe 80. Puhfect. It was a good day. 


Buck said...

That's either a really big cup or very small bowls.

Our WX was glorious yesterday, too. Our high was 77, even though we were forecast to hit 88 (I like 77 better). It actually felt a lil bit chilly last evening after the sun went down.

Bag Blog said...

There is only one cup, and it is large. All else are small bowls. I have a plan.

Becky G said...

I'm envying your cooler weather. It's still getting up into the 90s here.

Throwing pots is something I've always wanted to learn to do. Maybe someday I'll have the funds and the time to get started.

Bag Blog said...

If you get the chance, definitely give the pottery a try. You will love it.

Jo Castillo said...

In Kalispell a restaurant was recommended. We were walked by about 8 times. We finally left. They could at least say we will be with you soon. It was an expensive place, too. They did't seem to care when we told them as we left. At IHOP that morning they told us it would be a 30 to 40 min wait at the table. At least they were honest. We didn't stay, of course, but we liked that they didn't seat us without a warning.