Friday, August 24, 2012

Here It Is

Here it is - not even 8 O'clock and I've got a cup of coffee, I've already exercised, and I'm ready to blog.  Not that I have anything to say, but here I am. Actually, I wanted to sit a minute before I go out to the barn to throw a pot.  Yesterday, I did two more pots and painted a bit with my friend, Barb.  We watched a Janet Rogers video on painting portraits and did a bit of practice, but did not have anything worth showing.  Maybe today I can get a painting done too.  Now that would be industrious.

Jesse comes home from OKC this weekend and moves to WF for classes which start on Monday.  She is a busy girl.  Nothing much will change for Toby and me.  We will still be weekend parents.  Not that we do much parenting anymore.  We are more like sight-seers at a bus station - watching people come in and out the door.

Tonight we are headed over to Lindz birthday party.  She is officially 29 (no really, she is 29) and holding.  I am hoping to play some volleyball at the party, maybe take a few photos, dip my toes in the pool, eat cake, etc. 

Since I don't really have anything worth saying, I though I'd share a video that my sister took with her phone this summer when we were in RR.  This is a three year-old, Wheeler, who rides a bike without any pedals.  His dad said that he had put Wheeler on this bike when he was 18 months old, and Wheeler had been riding it ever since.  He is amazing and can keep up with the big boys.  There is a theory that learning to ride a bike with training wheels does not really help a kid learn balance - hence the no pedals or training wheels. The video may not be great quality coming from my sister's phone, but hopefully you will enjoy Wheeler.  He has an older brother (probably about 8 yrs old) who rides a little motorcycle and does motor-cross races.  You will hear Wheeler making the sound of motorcycles.  I have another video which is similar, but a deer walks out and crosses the street at the end of the video.  Pretty cool.


Buck said...

Little Wheeler is pretty quick off the line. That'll serve him well if he ever races motocross, coz the race is usually won by whomever is first into the first corner. Not always, but usually. Go on... ask me how I know. ;-)

Bag Blog said...

Considering he is only three and his legs are much shorter than the older boys on big bikes, he is very quick. I have a pic that I will post sometime of him on a little motocross bike. His older brother is very good at motocross.

Barbara said...

He was supposed to get a real motorcross bike just anyday before we left Red River. Wheeler is a one-man entertainment show. He "pops a wheelie" by stopping raising the front of his bike and putting it down. Ask him to do another trick? He makes a 180 and pops another wheelie in the opposite direction. He also practices falling off his bike like the big motorcross boys do. Stop, drop and fall. We love Wheeler!

BTW, you are going to shame me into more exercise time than I have been doing to get ready for our trip.

Becky G said...

Wheeler certainly seems an appropriate name for the little tyke. He can really scoot on that bike.

Bag Blog said...

Don't worry - I've been exercising for a week now and following my points on WW. I'm still the same. Somethings gotta give.

I can steal a photo from FB of Wheeler on his motorcycle.

Bag Blog said...

Wheeler is appropriate, but I believe he is actually named for Wheeler Peak, tallest mountain in NM.