Saturday, August 25, 2012

Motocross Boys

Yesterday I posted a video of three year-old Wheeler on his pedal-less bike.  In the comment section, Barbara mentioned that he was suppose to get a motorcycle.  So, I saw this on FB a few weeks ago and stole it for your viewing entertainment - Wheeler on his new bike!  Since I am posting one of Wheeler on his motorcycle, I thought I would post one of his big brother too.  There were several great shots of Ethan on his motorcross bike, but I chose this one.  Here is what his father had to say on FB about one of his races:
Last week in Los Alamos. So proud of our little guy! He pulled the hole shot and lead through the first set of trees only to get off course. By the time he got himself unstuck he was dead last. He rode hard and managed to get back to second place.



Jo Castillo said...

Oh my! Look how long since I commented. I so love your stories. Great pot and sunset painting. Falling is always fun to laugh at ... After. Although our Jennie laughs hardest at the time.

Congratulations on the grandson. Exciting.

Sometimes when you have nothing to bother you it is still hard to find time to do stuff. Good for you today. Also on the exercising. We have been so bad on this trip.

Drawing is fun. I get too carried away and like you say it is hard to get the same thought track going and if you lean one way, hard to see their way.

I will be back next week. Thanks for the chuckles and news. Hugs.

Buck said...

Cool pics. It's good to start 'em young... that's why the US dominates the motocross world.