Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dirty Bomb

Toby took a half-day yesterday.  He came home at noon and changed clothes to go to WF.  Mom had friends from Australia visiting and wanted us to come do dinner and meet her friends.  More on that later. 

You know that pumpkin that I carved to put my mums in? The one that I filled with dirt that turned to mud?  The one that melted (decomposed) on the front steps?  Well, I teased Toby that we should make a pumpkin catapult to shoot the dying pumpkin off into the pasture.  Wouldn't that be cool?!  I love those videos where people dress up and catapult pumpkins.  Everyone cheers and hollers, and I'm sure there is some beer drinking going on.  It could be true Okie fun! Toby's plan was to feed the pumpkin to the chickens.

Alas, our pumpkin completely melted on the portico and began to stinketh.   Yesterday, right as we were about to leave, he decided to scoop up the pumpkin with a shovel and sling it out into the pasture.  Now, I didn't witness the next part, but Toby came back into the house shuckin' his clothes. Kind of exciting.  Upon questioning him, "What the heck are you doing? We are about to leave?" he related that the pumpkin tossin' went awry. Using the shovel as his catapult, he slung the mud pumpkin about 15 feet.  And it exploded sending a shower of nasty mud and decomposed pumpkin all over Toby.  He said he "nearly puked." I, of course, was very sympathetic after I quit laughing. 

I still think building a homemade pumpkin-thrower would be lots of fun.  Toby thinks the US Military could use these mud pumpkins as dirty bombs - 'cause when these pumpkins splatter everyone will be puking.

Later in WF, we went to TCBY for yogurt.  Pumpkin was this month's special flavor.  Toby said he would pass on the pumpkin.

As for the Aussie friends, we had a great time visiting with them.  Ian and his wife, Judy are lovely people with the most fantastic accents and fun loving personalities. Ian had been an exchange-teacher back in 1986 and had taught at the vocational school with Mom.  Several years ago, Mom and her friends spent a month touring Australia and staying with Ian and his family. If we ever get to Australia, these are the sort of folks that I would love to visit.

My mom did a fantastic supper.  Toby cooked steaks on Mom's new grill.  No pumpkin was eaten. I hope Toby gets over his pumpkin aversion before Thanksgiving.


Buck said...

Heh. Punkins as chemical warfare... gotta love it.

I met some Aussie journalists when I was TDY to Thailand back in the day. These guys stayed in the same hotel as we did and we became friends over the course of four or five months. The thang I remember most about them is each and EVERY one of them could drink me under the table.

Bag Blog said...

We did buy the beer for Mom's gathering, but we are probably older and wiser Aussie and Okies.

Jo Castillo said...

Dirty bomb, indeed. Aw, gotta love Aussies.