Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Military Funeral

My cousin posted the link to Sgt. Major Plumley's military funeral.  Joe Galloway speaks in an interview on the video.  He always has a way with words.  I have met Joe Marm and John Rangel and have their autographs in my "We Were Soldiers" book.  I had breakfast with Mr. Rangel and mentioned him on my blog a couple of times.  I did not get to meet SgtM Plumley, but his story is awesome. He will be missed.  It makes me sad to see this generation go. All these men are heroes.  I love it that Sam Elliot attended his funeral.  Good on him. 


Buck said...

Thanks for posting that link to the funeral, Lou. The video made me a bit misty.

Bag Blog said...

It did me, too, Buck.

Louisa said...

Yes you are right, but thanks though for that post.