Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby Bag Shower

Last night as the weekend wound down, Jesse went back to WF, Toby and I reclined in our recliners, I got out my laptop and realized how far behind I am on my blogging and commenting.  And with that, I promptly shut the computer and got out my Kindle and played games with my friends.  Yeah, that's just the way I roll.

I did manage to get one big gig out of the way this past weekend.  Jesse and I put on my DIL's baby shower with some help from a couple of other ladies.  The GGs were very excited about the shower for their upcoming brother.  I admit that was pretty excited too. The shower was actually a lot of worry and work. It could be that along with my planning of Thanksgiving and our 5K turkey trot, I just felt overwhelmed.  But the baby shower went off without a hitch.  We did a horse theme placing toy horses on the tables as centerpieces along with some photos of family cowboys. I took a few snap shots of the food table

gift table before Jesse handed me her camera to use as if my point-and-shoot were not good enough.  At the end of the shower, Jesse discovered there was no card in her fancy-shmancy camera and, therefore, no pictures.  I had handed my little camera to GBN2 and let her have at taking photos.  It was a ploy to keep her busy, plus it is good to give kids a job that they think is important.  With my little camera there is no real messing things up.  GBN2 did a good job of taking photos - better than Jesse and I.

The 5K Turkey Trot is Thanksgiving morning at 8 AM on my neighbor's property.  We will be giving out awards and door-prizes.  There will be snacks and hot drinks.  You can purchase T-shirts for $10, but you need to let me know by this Thursday.  It should be a fun run. Then you can eat all the pumpkin pie you want.


Becky G said...

Cute tables, and nice photos.

Buck said...

Brilliant job on the decorating! My camera will tell me if I forgot to put the card in; I'm surprised Jesse's doesn't.

Bag Blog said...

Her camera is a bit older than yours. Who knows? I think she was a bit stressed, too.

Stefan said...

Holy cow!
Those decorations are over the top!
Very nice, overwhelmed or not, that's a mighty spectacular presentation!

(that's three exclamations, but I'm not counting)

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Stefan. Those were horse decorations not cows :)