Friday, November 09, 2012

Joint Policies

This was an interesting article on what Mexico thought of a couple of US states legalizing medical marijuana.   Do you think the following statement was a pun?

"These important modifications change somewhat the rules of the game in the relationship with the United States," Videgaray said. "I think that we have to carry out a review of our joint policies in regard to drug trafficking and security in general."


Andy said...


Hi Lou! I've been pretty silent over here lately. But, I've been keeping up.

I hope y'all have a happy Mayan Calendar Apocalypse! (I know you're tempted to break out the decorations for it, but remember...Thanksgiving comes first).

Bag Blog said...

Ooh Andy, Thanks for the reminder on the Mayan celebration.

I hope you and yours are all well and happy.

Buck said...

I useta have joint policies, but no more. (sigh)

But seriously... the states moving in this direction is a GOOD thang, even tho the Feds will still bust people for pot.

Andy said...

Agreed. Even though I've never smoked a joint in my life, I'm glad to see the States moving this way.

Bag Blog said...

Hmm, how much medical marijuana can be grown on, say, 75 acres?

Buck said...

Enough to make you "financially independent." ;-)

Moogie P said...

Joint policies. Heh.

I, too, think this is a move in the right direction. But it's still a pretty divisive issue. Arkansas just rejected medicinal marijuana by a very narrow margin. I find it hard to believe that people claiming to be Christians would vote to deprive those in misery a little relief.

Andy said...

Yeah Moogie...especially when the standard prescribed drugs just rain down pureDhell on the body as opposed to weed.

I knew that AR had it on the ballot, but somehow missed that it failed. Well, at least it was "narrow." Maybe next time.

Bag Blog said...

I think it is a lack of knowledge. For years people have heard horrible stories of drugs and marijuana. Kids in public schools have been given the no-no speech since kindergarten. Someone will have to pour money into advertising to get medical marijuana laws passed in the Bible Belt. Or wait until the older generation die out. Toby thinks it will be okayed in the next ten years - we will see.

Andy said...

Yeah Lou, as far back as I can remember in elementary school, there has been an anti-drug campaign.

Not a bad thing. And, I was frightened to death of Marijuana probably up until I was about 30. Still have never smoked a joint at 53 (because it's illegal). But, I started to see the damage done by legal drugs (prescription drugs, alcohol...which is a drug), and it really opened my eyes. Guess I evolved in my thinking.

I came to the point where I concluded that if pot was illegal, liquor should be, too. I deal with problem people in my current job now...and was dealing with problem people at that 30-ish stage of my life, too...and I've NEVER seen weed cause people to do the things that legal drugs can loosen them up to do.

But, that's just me. I'm sure somebody has a different experience. There is some validity to the "gateway drug" argument. When we were kids, pot was cheap...and the "high" certainly could tempt youngsters in to harder stuff that could certainly wreck their lives. So, as I said, the anti-drug programs were not (and are not) a bad thing at all.

But doing what I do daily, and seeing some of the Godawful side effects of current treatment...not just on my job, but in my own family experience...I really hope for an evolution of thought on this deal.

Well...time for me to step down off the soapbox.

Anonymous said...
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