Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day of Testing

It's funny (or not) how some days you just feel like you have been attacked over and over - like the Devil is just trying to push you over the edge.  Last Tuesday was one of those days.  The day had been particularly fretful with the only sunshine being my little art class.  At the end of the day, Toby decided we needed to go to WF and visit with his mother.  It was a good plan, but in driving the hour to WF, we could not call her and warn her of our visit.  She goes to supper at a certain time and does not take her phone.  When we got to WF and did call, she had gone to a Bible study.  We had an hour to kill before meeting up with her. After much discussion we decided we both wanted a burger for supper.  The best place to get a burger would be Market Street - where we could also get my favorite Greek God yogurt - the only place I can buy it.  At MS, we immediately ordered two cheeseburgers.  While those were being prepared, we headed across the store to get my yogurt.  At the yogurt area, Toby snatched up two tubs of the honey Greek God Yogurt for himself.  But where my favorite kind should have been was a gaping hole.  Even after digging around, no favorite yogurt could be found.  I was some disappointed. 

We headed back across the store to get our burgers.  When we got to the grill part of MS, only one burger was cooking.  The cook said, "Sorry, we are out of hamburger meat. I only had one patty left."  Being funny, Toby said, "Guess you don't get one." It must have been the look on my face that made him back up about ten steps.  Although I knew he was joking, it had been a rough day and I was already not getting my favorite yogurt.  It was at this point that I failed whatever test I was being given and said, "This is a frickin grocery store! Don't tell me that they have no hamburger meat!"  I recognized my failure as soon as the words left my mouth and humbly added, "Fine, I will eat chicken." and moved over to place my order.  I had just ordered chicken strips and asparagus and was contemplating my second veggie when the cook came up to Toby and said, "Actually, sir, since I could not fill your whole order, this burger is for another person."  The look on Toby's face was priceless.  I really wanted to "blow the joint" but Toby said he would just get a salad.  As I turned to continue picking out my veggie, the guy handed me my chicken and asparagus already packaged up and done.  I guess my time limit was up - no more choices for me. It made me so crazy - I just did not want to deal with these bozos any longer.  We paid and sat down to eat.  Toby asked me how my chicken was (mistake). I answered, "It would have been better with gravy, BUT THEY DIDN'T OFFER ME ANY!" Steam may have been coming out of my ears. So as we eat our supper, I started thinking about the look on Toby's face when they said HE did not get a burger either.  It made me LOL.  The whole thang was so very ridiculous that we both got tickled and had a good laugh.  I still wanted to talk to the manager, but I was in a much better mood.  We moved on to Toby's mom and had a great visit.  We even made it by to see Jesse's latest art work at the ceramic studio. What a crazy day!


Buck said...

All of that would have made me crazy, too. I make allowances for a lot of things here in P-Ville but I really get exercised when stuff like that happens to me in the city. ANY city.

We're spoiled, aren't we?

Bag Blog said...

Spoiled? Probably. I just wanted yogurt and a hamburger. It didn't seem too much to ask at a large grocery store. I think it is a problem with hired help and not being able to think outside the box. Rant, rant, rant...

Becky G said...

You've got a lot more patience than I have, I'll tell you that. I would have gone off, then left and ate somewhere else. Days like that drive me crazy.

Bag Blog said...

I wanted to leave, but Toby seemed to be wanting to stay. There is not a lot of discussion at times like that.

Stefan versus the Ham said...

Here's my Thanksgiving story from 1975. I worked at a Pizza Parlor in the back preparing food and washing dishes, and the boss came in with a bone-in ham to put in the walk-in freezer. I didn't pay much attention. Then came time to prepare the ham, and there was no Ham to put in the slicing machine.

Oh man! Well, I took a big knife and got that bone out of there and with a real mess of ham I proceeded to slice it up, and moved it out front for the cooks.

About an hour later the boss comes in with a bunch of ham for the night, and comes out of the freezer asking where his bone-in ham was. With as much piety as possible I told him the mistake I just now realized I made, and that I forgive him for testing me, as I swore to God I was going to quit if I had to do a bone-in ham every night!

That really got him started. He described in detail, in a loud voice, what an moron I was, and the value of that ham in relation to the normal junk, and especially how his family will have no ham for Thanksgiving the following day.

Anyway, he didn't fire me, but I did have to pay the difference out of my wages, which was about half my pay as I recall.

The people all night long said that the Pizza was the best they ever had. I liked that.

I wish you all a happy day, and that your family enjoys the time together.

Bag Blog said...

We were one ham short of a full Thanksgiving today, because my mom bought one, but forgot to bring it to my house. Still, no one went home hungry.