Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This getting ready for Thanksgiving is not for sissies.  The slight twinge on my right shoulder-blade and trap, has turned into a full blown OMG sort of pain.  I'm seriously considering a massage.

Toby has been working me hard to prepare the house for company.  Although our house is basically finished, there are many little things that we have meant to do, but have not done.  For the last several weeks, since we have known we would host the family for turkey dinner, we have been hard at it. Most of the things that need doing are in the old part of the house.  The old bathroom needs a total re-do, but we settled for re-caulking the shower and painting the walls - sort of. One of the things that I have been meaning to do was put tile on the old kitchen counter, which is now used for my art stuff.  Here is how it turned out.  Of course, we were one short pipe away from re-hooking the sink up last night.  We also bought new rugs for both the old part of the house and for the new part.  Those recliners are going - anyone need them?

I have been emptying boxes from storage to find my treasures and display them in the cubby-hole shelves that Toby built for me. They need some organizing. You can see that there are still no paintings or photos up, but I have a plan.  It may be after T-Day that I get that done, or I may get my sister to help with that part of the decorating.  You can also see my Dane puppy on the sofa - I love that dog.  And you can see the fat rat terrier in the old part of the house - he is well loved too.
To show you that Jack, the Heeler, is loved and comes in the house,here he is by my feet while I type. You are probably wondering who is in charge of ranch security if all dogs are in the house.

Family should arrive today and tomorrow.  Turkey Trot 5K is first thang in the morning.  Turkey Dinner should be around 1PM.  All who love me and read my blog are welcome to join us. There will be plenty.


Buck said...

I really like those rugs... they're very colorful.

I'm on the road in about an hour. Have a great Thanksgiving if'n I don't talk to ya before tomorrow.

Becky G said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Lou!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Becky. You have a great Thanksgiving, too.

Jo Castillo said...

Hope you had a great Turkey Day. We sure did. The week went by way too fast.