Thursday, December 06, 2012

New Grand Boy

 So, I had a nice easy day planned out.  After a dentist appointment this morning, I was planning on driving to Ardmore to get the new car serviced.  Toby was going to take a half day and go with me - maybe get in a little shopping. But after my appointment, I went by to see the GGs only to find out that they had gone to their Nana's house for the morning.  Sara was in labor.  I went to let Toby know. We had a bite to eat before picking up the GGs at their Nana's and taking them to eat at McDonalds. While we were at McD's, we got word that the new baby brother was born - almost high noon.  Wow, that was quick! My DIL had the baby within an hour of getting to the hospital.  The nurses had just said, "Don't push" and stepped out of the room, when the GB made his appearance. He has no name, but he is quite handsome - looks like a Baggett. The family The sisters Room to stretch out


  1. Barbara3:22 AM

    Congratulations! They are a beautiful family. I know you and Toby are very proud!!

    1. Thanks Barbara. I have held him, but not for very long - I'm waiting patiently.

  2. Congrats to Sara and Bo... and you, too, Grandma.

  3. Congratulations to your family for the adorable addition!