Monday, February 18, 2013

Polite and Awesome

Jesse and her nieces got dressed all fancy and went to dinner Saturday night. It was kind of a late Valentine's dinner. Jesse had bought the GGs fancy dresses at Christmas and wanted to give the GGs an opportunity to wear the dresses. The GGs think Tia Jes is the best aunt ever.  A good time was had by all.  At dinner, GBN2 told Jesse, "I'm gonna be polite and awesome!"


OldAFSarge said...

Polite and awesome is definitely something to strive for. GBN2 has her act together, that's for sure. They're all very lovely!

Buck Pennington said...

The GGs think Tia Jes is the best aunt ever.

I think so, too.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks. They are lovely...maybe not always polite.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Buck.

Stefan said...

Cuteness to the third power.

Maybe two Judith Viorst poems on being polite:

The meanest girl I've ever met
Is Mary Ellen Wright.
And if a lion came along and
Ate her with one bite,
I'd cry and cry and cry and cry.
(But just to be polite.)

I'm learning to say thank you.
And I'm learning to say please.
And I'm learning to use Kleenex,
Not my sweater, when I sneeze.
And I'm learning not to dribble.
And I'm learning not to slurp.
And I'm learning (though it sometimes really hurts me)
Not to burp.
And I'm learning to chew softer
When I eat corn on the cob.
And I'm learning that it's much
Much easier to be a slob.

Bag Blog said...

That about sums up GBN2. I'm constantly reminding her not to wipe her mouth on her sleeves.

Jo Castillo said...

They are so beautiful! We love your family!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jo!