Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day at the Lazy B

My Valentine comes home today. He has been away in Norway (Halliburton is anywhere there is oil or gas production). It has been a lonely week without him, but I try not to blog such stuff when I am home alone. But just in case some creep gets any ideas, if I don't sleep with Toby, I sleep with The Judge. It makes me feel safe. Having three dogs in the house makes me feel pretty secure too.

As for Valentine's Day, please don't send any roses or other such crap. No chocolate - I'm on a diet. Diamonds would be acceptable.

Art class on Tuesday was lots of fun. I had several girls here, and they were all happy campers.  My youngest and smallest student is a little girl from China adopted by friends of ours. For some reason Max, the Dane, has taken a shine to her. During art she was dabbing paint with a sponge onto her painting while Max stood by her side watching intently. Suddenly he took a bit snap at the sponge. It surprised us all, but my little art student burst out laughing. We all laughed then. Max had to be put outside, because he would not leave her alone. Ya know, he can now rest his head on the table, but it is difficult to paint around such a big head.

Max also loves my tutoree. Now that she has her driver's license, she comes to the house for school. When she arrived yesterday, Max got so excited. He ran around the small den area - turning circles in a hip-hop motion and leaping over furniture.  Ranger the Rat Terrier barked continuously to egg Max on. It was wild, but I liked it - so did my tutoree.

May you all have a great Valentine's Day.


Buck Pennington said...

OK... I gotta do it.

Why didn't you go to Norway, too?

Bag Blog said...

Showin' your age there, Buck :)

Several reasons for not going: It was a short business trip for him and he had a lot on his mind. No one to take care of animals at home. I'm going to Paris in three weeks.

All of those could have been overcome, but it was just best for me not to go, I think. Toby said Norway was quite expensive with a simple dinner costing $90. Oh well.

Buck Pennington said...

Well, if it came down to a choice between Norway and Paris I know which one **I'd** choose.

Stefan said...

Sure you don't want to go on a Carnival cruise instead?

Bag Blog said...

I might pass on the cruise right now. Yikes!