Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three Dog Night

The weather was cold, wet, and windy today.  I did have to get out in it a couple of times, but I tried to stay in the house and stay warm. After the art girls left this afternoon, I built a fire.  Now, the dogs and I are watching the Westminster Dog Show.  I guess you could say it is a three-dog night.  Jack, the Red Heeler is in one recliner, Max, the Great Dane is in the other recliner. Ranger, the Rat Terrier is on the couch with me. And Loki, the cat is on the ottoman.  We were disappointed that the Dane did not win the Working Class part of the show.  I think Max could be a contender. I don't know if they have Red Heelers at the show very often, but Jack is the best looking dog I've ever had. He is all dog. For what ever reason, Rat Terriers are not considered a "breed". Pfft! What do they know! I do think the Bull Terrier's are quite handsome. Like I need more animals.

What I don't understand about this dog show stuff is why do the ladies showing the dogs dress so frumpy. Is that a requirement? The men look quite dapper wearing suits, but the women - geeze - they are a fashion disaster. I'm thinking I could fit right in.

Ooh, they are showing a Russel Terrier - new to the show - I want one. And maybe a Westie.


Buck Pennington said...

You sound like someone I used to know. ;-)

Paula was a member of a dog rescue organization when we lived in OKC. At any given point in time we have up to a dozen dogs on our property, but only three permanent residents. Three dogs were fine when we lived on a couple o' acres but became a lil problematic when we moved to the city in '85. But we managed, somehow.

Bag Blog said...

It is a good thing that Toby keeps me tethered or I might have way too many dogs.