Monday, March 25, 2013

More Paris

After running a scan on my laptop, it showed no signs of a virus, but to make sure it was okay, we sent it off to Shay, our computer doctor, for a complete checkup. I'm missing my computer, but I did save some Paris photos on my thumb-drive to take and have printed off. These are not necessarily the photos I would have shared in my story telling, but they are what I have handy at the present time to continue my Paris saga.
After the big snow in Paris, we got out the next day to visit the Tomb of Napoleon and Les Invalides.  Although there was snow on the ground making things a bit treacherous, the day turned off sunny, and the snow was beginning to melt. Actually, it was still pretty cold.These photos were all taken in the morning on our walk to Invalides. Napoleon is buried under this dome. Here we are standing in front of his amazing tomb/monument. Looking through the military museum was fascinating.  I loved the armor and canons and such. Those photos will have to wait since they are on the laptop. After perusing the museum, we moved on to one of Paris' covered sidewalks for lunch and shopping. My cousin took us to a great little tea room type cafe where we all chose funky tea to warm our bodies. Then we had the lunch special (sounds better when it is written out in French) which was stuffed cabbage with lentils and sweet potato. Excellent!  For dessert, Jesse and I had a fruit crisp, while Barbara and Ariel had NY cheesecake. New York City!  That ain't right, but it was delicious.

While eating we saw a photography shoot with a real model. Cousin Ariel said this was a normal site in Paris. She was a long, tall, thin thang dressed for summer. She had to be freezing. She posed in some rather odd ways, which was entertaining. Later in the week, we all mocked her poses.

The next day our plan was to visit Montmartre and Sacre-Coeur.  Unfortunately my cousin was the victim of a pick pocket on the Metro. It was a very sickening feeling. Her phone and credit cards were taken. Although she was able to stop any spending and such, it was still a yuck moment in Paris. Jesse's attitude was that Paris has had pick-pockets for ages, and now we were a part of that history. Jesse and I went on to Montmartre and the day turned out rather nice after such a bad start. I bought some art here. Jesse took some great photos.


Buck Pennington said...

Once again: brilliant pics. I'm glad your laptop is clean and disease-free. That's a GOOD thing.

I've prolly mentioned this before, but on one of Paula and my trips to Paris we went cafe-hopping up in Montmartre and stayed until the buses and the Metro quit running. We spent nearly ALL of our money on wine and such, so we wound up walking home... about a three-hour walk to the apartment we were stayin' in... and got home just as the sun was comin' up. There were three of us... Paula, her best friend Anette, and me... and we laughed a LOT during that mini-adventure.

Bag Blog said...

I didn't remember that story was from Paris, but now it makes sense to me. Jesse told me that she and Lindz walked across Paris before they figured how to use the Metro.

Stefan said...

Great to see your photo's. Sad for the pick-pocket. I think its an American thing to keep your wallet handy.

My truck got stuck in the mud last year, so I walked 3 miles to a McDonalds to call a friend to pick me up. The worst part was I didn't have my gun, and every dog in each block barked and growled at me all the way.

Good Lord! Some of them sounded pretty hungry, and I just knew someone left their gate open!

Bag Blog said...

When we ride our bikes, it is good to keep pepper spray for those dogs that get a bit too close. Although,it has never been a real problem.