Friday, March 29, 2013

Those Silly Grand-Babies

After being in Paris for ten days, I'm now soaking up the grand-baby time. Mr. T is getting big and more entertaining every day. Yesterday when I tickled  him, he lol, a very funny sound which made me tickle him over and over to hear the giggle. It reminded me of when I was a teenager and my sister was a baby. I loved to tickle her and hear her lol. Then my mom would say, "If you don't stop that, you are going to cause her to stutter." Really?! If only I could have Snoped that.

Last weekend, we picked up the GGs and took them to Lawton with us. We went to a home and garden show that was not much, but they did give out lots of freebies at the booths. Both girls were armed with pens and notepads from the show and decided to make lists of what they wanted to do. GBN1 wanted to plant a garden and she listed off all the veggies she wanted to grow. It was a very grown-up list, well written, and without error. GBN2's list was more unique. Being barely six years old, her handwriting and spelling were interesting to say the least, but her list was really funny:
1. play, eat, sleep.
2. go to Petzza Hut.
3. drink strawberry Fanta.
4. give Ranger a drive.
5. name a kitten.
5. names, Gorge
6. Pinto Jacky P.J.
7. chocky CCat
8. Perle Jonny.
9.while Booboo and Crewcraw take nap wacha movie with two disishons: Flushed away: and Bolt.

Wed. night we got the GGs again. They spent the night and all day Thursday with me. We did all the granny things we were suppose to do. We made cookies, painted, rode the four-wheeler, watched a movie (while I napped) and a bit of hiking. While hiking around on the property, we went down into a gully and found and old piece of PVC pipe. GBN1 said, "What in the world is that!?"
GBN2: Don't say "What in the world".
Me: Why can't you say "world"?
GBN1: I think we are not suppose to say "What in the heck."
GBN2: Or world.

GBN1 and I just rolled our eyes, but I was wondering, "What in the hell are we suppose to say."


OldAFSarge said...

That was a great story. And the pictures are priceless!

You sound like a really fun grandmother Lou.

Bag Blog said...

I try to be the fun grandmother - it makes their other grandmother, my good friend, so jealous :)

Buck Pennington said...

That's a great pic o' Mr. T. Babies are SO photogenic!

Yer GGs are doin' typical GG stuff, ain't they?

Bag Blog said...

They probably are very typical, but I talk about them as if they are the funniest, most beautiful, best things on earth.

Stefan said...

I wonder what he thinks the camera is? He see's that the giant people are so excited with the gadget :-)

Bag Blog said...

I don't know about Mr. T, but the GGs figured out pretty quick what the camera was for and how to pose in front of it.

Jo Castillo said...

Great story and pics. You definitely have too much fun! Oops, you can't have too much fun, can you?

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Jo. I've been wanting to come to the Hill Country this spring. Maybe we can meet up soon.