Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stormy Weather

Yesterday morning at 7 AM, the temperature was 70 degrees and muggy. It was amazing that the temps could be so warm and the air be so wet and yet the wind was howling. Ya gotta love OK. Storms were predicted for the afternoon with a cold front blowing in to clash with the warm air. Sure 'nuff, we had some storms, but most of the bad stuff was further west near Lawton/Ft. Sill. They had some serious cloud movement, hail, and lots of rain. We got lots of wind and some rain, but no storm. On the one hand, I'm glad we missed the bad storms, but I sure wish we had received the big rain. I stole this photo off a friend's FB. It was taken near Lawton yesterday. I assume it is the real McCoy.

Today we have highs in the mid-50's with freeze warnings for tonight. If life in OK ever gets dull, the weather will make it more interesting.

By the way, I cut my hair yesterday - about four inches. Now it is a nice shoulder length for summer. Today I am having a pesky mole removed from my face. I'm not talking about a critter that digs in the ground. No, I'm talking about a pigment spot that grew out of my nose near my eye. I hate it. Soon it will be gone. Yep, there is a bit of fear there. Knife, nose, eye - yep a little fear. But the hate out-weighs the fear. I figure with the hair cut yesterday and the mole cut today, that should make me lose another pound. :) Maybe I will do a before and after pic. Maybe not. 


Buck said...

That is quite the WX photo. I hear what you're saying about "exciting" WX in OK, but I don't miss it, to tell ya the truth.

It's cold this morning and we had a freeze last night. I'm wonderin' if the warm WX will EVER get here.

Good luck with the mole today.

Bag Blog said...

I am home from the doc and have band-aids on my nose and cheek. So very sexy!