Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Table, Dog, and Diet

We got a new dinning table and chairs this weekend. Actually, we picked them out last weekend and they delivered them on Saturday. The old table was moved to the art room - we could never get rid of it. That table has seen some life here in Baggettville. We bought it and four chairs for about $60 at Montgomery Wards in McAllen, TX, when Jesse was two years old. The chairs eventually broke down, but the table lived on - though it was quite scarred and worn. I'm sure it could tell some great stories of good times with friends and loved ones.

While taking pictures of the new dinning set, I thought I'd take a few of Max - just to show you how he has grown. He was not cooperating, although you can see him laying in the living room in the first pic. Then he came to the kitchen where he likes to beg for scraps.
It's funny how he will set there looking quite handsome until I get out the camera. It made for some funny pics of Jesse trying to turn his head toward the camera.

The GGs came over on Sunday afternoon to try out the new table. Max likes to lead GBN2 around by the arm. He has about 50 lbs on her. Once he gets her by the arm (ever so gently) he can take her anywhere he wants. He LOVES those girls. He is getting to be more of a dog, though. More and more, he likes to stay outside with Jack the Red Heeler at night. This morning he woke us up with his barking at an armadillo. Jack was uninterested in the dilla, but Max was ferocious. The more I tried to get him in the house where he would quit barking, the more he tried to protect me. He is something!  We have not let him on the bed, because he is a huge honkin' dog. But yesterday when I stretched out across the bed to rest my eyes, Max stepped up and stretched out beside me. And he like the bed. And I like him. Ranger the Rat Terrier is horrified that he has to share with Max.  Max chewed Ranger's tennis ball in to little bits. Poor Ranger.

The diet is still going well. I have lost about 6 lbs - ten total pounds since I got more serious back in Jan. That includes the trip to Paris where I actually kept my weight down - probably due to all the walking. I have a ways to go on this diet, and it is always slower than I want. Still, I am tickled with the first six pounds because it broke through a plateau that I have not been able to break in several years.  It is encouraging.


Buck said...

Nice table! And good news on the diet, too.

Max really is a BIG dog.

Bag Blog said...

Buck, for some reason, when you click on the second photo, it shows the first photo and says there are only two photos. Got any ideas on why that is happening?

Buck said...

I noticed that but I have NO ideer as to why.

Jo Castillo said...

Boootiful table! So hard to give up the old one, but it will serve you some more in the art room. Storms are so weird. We had rain and are in the 70s today instead of high 80s, lovely. Changes every hour it seems, though.