Friday, April 12, 2013

Westerns and Diets

My poor dogs! Everyone is on a diet. There are little to no scraps left for them.  They don't even get to lick the plates since Toby and I have already done that. About six years ago, I went on a similar diet and lost 30 lbs and kept it off for quite a while. But this diet is going much slower. Weight does not come off so easily, sigh. This getting old is for the birds. I feel like I am eating like a bird.

Really the diet is not so bad (except for the cream in my coffee). It is do-able, and I should not complain. Eating healthy is a good thang - right?  Yesterday when Toby got home from work, we went for a walk on the trail. The ticks are out in force. I hate those critters. We sprayed up and watched closely for ticks, but still brought some home with us - none attached, but still, yuck! I shucked my clothes pretty darn quick upon getting to the house. It was time for comfy clothes and TV, anyway. The things I do for my hubby and my diet!

We watched "Silverado" last night. I love that move! Brian Dennehy makes such a great bad guy. Brian Dennehy makes such a great anything.  The rest of the cast is fun too, but then, I like Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Danny Glover, Linda Hunt, and Kevin Costner.  Cosnter is pretty young and cute in this movie. Most of this movie was shot in NM - maybe why I love it so. My favorite line, "That ain't right!" which is said several times in the movie right before the good guys take on the bad guys. Classic.

I also watched "The Outlaw Josey Wales" the other night. Another classic with lots of great lines and the good guys whippin' the bad guys.  I seem to be in to westerns these days. Maybe I want to whip some bad guys. "I reckon so."


Buck said...

Eating healthy is a good thang - right?

Ooooh... HOT BUTTON! I get seriously pissed at scolds like Shelly Obama and Mayor Mike B. lecturing us... the great unwashed... about "healthy eating." And then there's all that "organic" and "lite" krep. I could stand on THIS soap-box for days, but I'll just stop here.

No, wait. I suppose it's easy for me to get all indignant, mainly coz I can eat any-damned-thang I want, at any time, and in any quantity. So, take the above with a grain o' salt. (Assuming salt is OK with yer diet. If not, well there's salt-substitutes.)

In other news... I went on a western kick a while back, revisiting some of the old cowboy movies from my youth. I'd forgotten how good those old morality plays were. Two words, one name: The Duke.

Bag Blog said...

Yesterday I bought a video of the old John Wayne movies. Some are really old, but they should be fun.

I can eat salt, but it does make me retain water, which will eventually work out. Anyway. I understand part of your rant on diets. It makes me mad if anyone tells me what I ought to do. This is something I have to do for myself and for Toby. We are not naturally thin people so we do need to eat well. Dang it.

Jo Castillo said...

Good luck on the diet. Joanna did so well that she is an inspiration. I did well until we went on our trip, now I have to get back to it. We just count calories and eat anything. So just not as much. It works but you of course have to keep cutting calories as you lose, so it is sort of like a penalty for doing well. Ha.

Jo Castillo said...

I like those movies, too. I like this from Jeremiah Johnson

Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Are you sure you can skin grizz?
Jeremiah Johnson: Just as fast as you can catch' em.
[Bear Claw runs into and through the cabin with a huge grizzly bear close behind and jumps out the back window]
Bear Claw Chris Lapp: [as the fight rages inside the cabin] Skin that one, pilgrim, and I'll get you another!
[Shot sounds from inside the cabin]