Tuesday, May 21, 2013

All Is Well

Sorry for the cryptic message. I had to leave the house at the crack of dawn this morning to be in Wichita Falls to pick up Mom and head to Chillicothe, TX, for a funeral.  Although I had my Kindle with me, I only had a few minutes of internet time while waiting for Mom to get ready.  My Kindle would not let me post, but it would let me leave a title to my post. That is all I could do at the moment and wanted to let you know all was well.

Yesterday there were storms and tornadoes all around us, but nothing serious in Duncan other than some hail.  I lost electricity around 3:15, so I sat outside and watched the clouds. Ten miles north in Bray, OK, there was a tornado sighting. I could watch some ominous clouds from my house. Through it all, we only got a bit of rain. This morning driving to WF and on to Chillicothe was pretty hairy with some serious rain. We need all the rain we can get, so I did not complain. Well, I did curse a few big trucks on Hwy 287 that caused severe driving conditions from the amount of spray their tires spew up.

On the way home from North Texas, it looked pretty dark in OK. When I tried to call Toby, the phones would not work. Scared me badly. For a few minutes, I could not get the local NPR station. Scared me again. Anyway, I got home and all was fine. We got lots more rain today - Yeehaw!

From the stories I have heard coming out of Moore, OK, things are not fine. Keep those people in your prayers. These are friends of ours in Moore who are thankful that they are all safe.


John said...

Glad you guys are safe kiddo. Love the article on Green Mountain Lodge...so many memories. Wonder if we ever ran into you and Craig as kids up in RR?

OldAFSarge said...

Good to hear you folks are safe Lou.

Buck said...

I'm glad you're well, Lou. But what a cryptic post... I assume you were talkin' about the weather? I thought the worst of it was up around OKC.

Becky G said...

Glad you're safe. I was wondering if you were anywhere near those storms.

Jo Castillo said...

It is hard to watch the dark skies and not know what is going on. Thinking of you guys always when there are storms. Your moms, too. Feel for your friends .. so thankful they are OK.