Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Killin' Days

Since Jesse is out of school for the summer, she has posted a few Paris pics at her blog.  They are worth the look. It is good to encourage her to continue posting now and then on her blog. I know I love to see her work there.

Speaking of art work, I wanted to paint something larger than what I usually paint, but something not complicated.  Fast, easy, and cheap - that is me.  So I did this beach chair. It seemed like a good summer scene.

The dogs were barking in the yard just now. When I looked up, there were at least three coyotes between the house and the pond - practically in the front yard. By the time I got my gun, they had moved off. I could see them further out, but not shootable. Dang it. Those pesky coyotes are a pain. I'd really like to shoot them, but what are the chances?

Speaking of dead animals, Toby put some mice killer-stuff under the house. Although the cat has killed some mice (coyotes kill the cats, so it is ok if I kill the coyotes) the one cat cannot keep up with the mice population. The new kitten is still too young to do much good. Ranger the Rat Terrier killed a mouse a few days ago - at a boy!  Apparently, Toby has killed some rodent under the house, 'cause the old part of the house now smells like dead animal. Nice. I have some good-smell'em stuff burning to hide the stench.  Dead animal/citrus is a nice combination. It is better than dead animal by itself. I wonder how the art girls will like the scent?

Well, I've got some other rat killin' to do. Have a good day.


Buck said...

Fast, easy, and cheap - that is me.

That's me, too! What a co-inky-dink!

Nice beach scene. Now I'm off to Jesse's place.

Bag Blog said...

Great minds!

Barbara said...

Not to be downer - consider this maybe a warning. We adopted a medium size stray a few years ago. this dog was quite the mouse killer. One day the dog died. Paul took it to the vet. Cause of death- caught and ate a mouse that had a concentrated amount of mouse-killer stuff from Grandpa's barn. I realize this was probably a one-in-a-million mouse thang, but . . .Sure wouldn't want anything to happen to Ranger.

Better luck next time on killing the coyotes - they are as big a pain as the ferrel hogs.

Bag Blog said...

That is something to consider. The mouse killer is under the house - where the mice died. But still, I guess one could get out. Usually Ranger will catch a mouse, but not eat it. I would hate for anything to happen to any of my pets.

Jo Castillo said...

Sorry to have been missing for so long. IAPS, company and a trip to Arizona from Albuquerque. So dry the ground is cracking. Home today, reading your posts and laughing or crying, depending! Ha. Love the birthday photos and the story with your Mom and the rain. Ah, good to catch up. Good luck with the coyotes. Ferrel reminded me of a comic strip today. Little girl going around with a photo of a cat to the neighbors trying to find the home. One lady tells her it is a ferrel cat. So next box shows her at the door, saying to Mrs. Ferrill, "I think I found your cat!" Anyway, glad to be back and to hear that all is well with you.

Bag Blog said...

I've been wonderin' where you were.