Monday, June 17, 2013

No Hablo Espanol

It is raining this morning and that is a good thang for several reasons. First of all, we need the rain and lots of it. The pond is still down and the ground is still dry. Second, I don't have to go to exercise this morning. I can sit here at the computer and peruse and comment to my heart's content and drink another cup of coffee putting a little extra cream in it since Toby is at work. It is a great morning.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Jesse got her internship to Ecuador. Well, Toby and I along with Lindz and Shay made plans to go to Ecuador and meet up with Jes after her internship is over. We will have a week to explore Ecuador - mostly Quito. So, we have all been researching the area and deciding what all we want to see. Toby bought a cheap learn-to-speak-Spanish CD to brush us up on our Spanish skills (my brother is probably ROTFLOL). We have listened to three lessons and have not learned anything we did not already know. Still, it is good practice. Living in OK, we have not used our Spanish much. I bet my newly acquired American Sign Language is about as useful in Ecuador as it was in Paris. 

Last week at a little party with neighbors, I told this story: Not long after moving to OK from NM, Toby and I were driving down a country road. I noticed lots of garbage along the road and said, "Look! Someone has been dumping their trash in the arroyo!"  Toby said, "Lou, if we are going to live in OK, you have to learn to say gulley - not arroyo." 
Everyone at the party laughed at my story, and then said, "What is an arroyo?"

Since living here in OK, I have learned to say gulley, but it does not roll off the tongue and sound so beautiful as arroyo. I think I will go back to saying arroyo just for the heck of it. Maybe I will get out the Spanish book from our homeschooling and learn to tell "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." With my slow West Texas twang, it could be entertaining. For whatever backwards reason, I have often referred to a big rain as a "pour-down".  When I use this term, Toby shakes his head and says that I lived in NM too long.


Buck said...

No offense intended, but I think I like livin' in NM better than livin' in OK... at least the part of OK I lived in. I'm glad I had the experience but it's not one I care to repeat.

Bag Blog said...

No offense taken. There were good things about living in NM, but then I lived in Northern NM were drugs, alcohol, and welfare are the norm - not to mention the liberals. Snow on the ground seven months out of the year was not so wonderful either. OK has its drawbacks too, but I live on 75 acres with water rights and a pond that cost me less than a house in Taos on less than one acre without water. I can do pretty much as I please with my house and land without having to bribe a government official as in NM. I'm ok in OK.

Becky G said...

I'm glad you are getting some rain there. I'm glad we're finally drying out here! We've had too much rain. I wish I could send you some.

Bag Blog said...

I wish you could send us some rain. The pond is looking better, but still no where near full.