Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dad's Day

Lots of people were posting pics of their dad on FB today. I looked back at my posts here and picked a few. These are all fun pics of Dad, but then he was a fun guy, especially in the summers spent in Red River. Most photos of Dad are of him looking serious - he did have a great "look." Anyone who knew Dad knew how serious he could be, after all, he was a teacher/administrator. He once told me that I could not be a good teacher if I could not look "mean enough". He doubted I could be that mean. Little did he know.

Dad could also be very fun and laugh lots. My best memories of Dad are when he broke loose and laughed and was silly. So many times when we were building my house or working on someone's house, we would get so tickled together. He would laugh until he had tears in his eyes.  The last photo shows his big grin - much like mine, although Dad always looked cool.

I'll never forget the time Dad brought Toby home - they were both drunk as skunks. Dad was a bit less drunk than Toby, which was not saying much. Dad was laughing hard. I was not laughing. Toby could not stand up and he had bits of grass stuck to him where he had fallen. Dad thought the whole thang hilarious. It made me mad, which made Dad laugh even harder. At the time it was not funny to me, but looking back, it was very funny. I'm thankful for a dad who would drink with my husband and laugh and have a great time - making memories. I'm sure there are others out there that could tell similar stories about my Dad. He did like to have fun.

A few days ago was Dad's birthday. He would have been 85.  We always celebrated Dad's birthday in RR. Those were the best of times.


Becky G said...

You have some great memories of your dad. Father's Day is usually pretty low key around here, what with my dad having passed away 18 years ago, and Cody never having met his.

Buck said...

I see your Father's Day was much like mine: filled with memories. Bittersweet, at this point in life.

Bag Blog said...

We didn't do much other than wish a few fathers a good day and reminisce about our dads.

Bag Blog said...

Bittersweet is the right word.