Monday, June 03, 2013

Sunday Drive

Toby is always after me to ride my bike to church with him on Sunday morning. Usually, I can come up with some excuse or another.  Like: I would like to look nice when I get to church and not all sweaty and red. Or it's too cold. Or it's too hot. Or it's too windy. But yesterday was pretty and cool and not much wind and I was out of excuses. So I rode to and from church. I wore my padded bike pants under my capris. When I got to church, I asked Toby if the padded pants made my butt look big. He did not answer. Hmm, I think that was not the right answer either. So I sat through church looking like a maniac with my helmet hair and red face. No one sat close to me. The ride home was a bit more windy, but I made it fine. The last 3/4 mile was into the wind with a couple of big hills before turning into the Lazy B. That was the hardest on me.

Today, my arms may fall off. A couple of months ago, I did something to my left arm, and it has been giving me problemas. You wouldn't think that riding a bike would be hard on your arms, but my shoulders are stiff and sore today. My legs are great. I think Toby is going to have to do some serious shoulder rubbing tonight.

Several people told me how proud they were of my riding my bike to church. Maybe this was good; maybe not. Does that mean they think I sit around eating bonbons all day? Do they know that I exercise three days a week and ride my bike lots (well, maybe not this spring much) but I have ridden in lots of organized bike rides with lots of miles behind me. Anyway, I will take their comments as they were meant - as encouragement. By the way, after another month of dieting, with a few minor changes, I have lost a few more pounds. It is slow going, but I'm good with it.


Buck said...

You're a better (wo)man than I. The only bike I'd consider riding into town from yer place would have a big-ass motor in it. Just sayin'.

Bag Blog said...

Big-ass is one of the reasons I ride my bicycle.

Buck said...

Heh. I'll leave THAT alone.

Bag Blog said...

You and Toby are probably right not to say anything.