Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Monday

It was back to WF yesterday to take Mom to have an MRI. She could probably have gone by herself, but it was just good to be there with her.  We had a good day. I got there early and picked up Toby's mom to do an errand that included a trip to Coldwater Creek - my favorite place to shop.  Then we picked up Mom and went to lunch. Lunch with those two was fun.  Mom repeats the same stories over and over, but the stories were new to my MIL, who laughed and laughed. They split a Ruben sandwich - such an odd choice, but they seem to like it and order it often.   After lunch we had a bit of time to kill so we did more shopping. Then we took my MIL home before heading to the MRI. 

With Mom's memory loss, the whole day was pretty crazy. One just goes with the flow in order to get through it all. But it was at the MRI center waiting on Mom that things got really funny.  First, a lady came in for an MRI and sat down in the waiting room with me to fill out the usual forms for her procedure.  To say that this lady was "trailer trash" was to stereotype her, but it was what it was. She began talking to me immediately: have you been here before, are you married, my husband left me, he just left. not my first husband, he died, but the second one just left, I have no rings...   Being fascinated by this, I didn't mind.  As she filled out her form, she asked me how to spell "wrist."  I began, "W...R..." 
She looked up at me puzzled and said, "Double U?" 
"No," I replied and switched to my best Okie, "Dub-ya."
Then I continued, "R..."
"Two R's?" she asked.
Lordy, but it was hard to keep a straight face, but we got through it. When she asked me how to spell claustrophobia, I referred her to the form where it was already spelled out. Whew!

Then an older couple came in and sat down. They were both rather round people. Of course, I'm a rather round person, but these people were more so.  The wife started filling out the forms.   She had a very scratchy voice as if she had rocks in her throat. She was loud too. In her loud gravel voice she said, "318!" The husband did not reply, so she said it again, "318!" 
Then he said, "Why do you keep saying 318?"
She replied, "Isn't that what you weigh?"
"No!" he furiously answered. "I weigh 315!"

It was all funny, yet horrifying.


Jo Castillo said...

Well, this makes my Monday look very boring! We are off to town today, so maybe I will catch up. Ha. Thanks for the smile this morning!

Stefan said...

That could be a painting: sun rays through the windows (representing the X-rays) falling on two rotund people sitting as king and queen, and a trailer woman dressed as a jester drawing two U's on the floor with a juggling ball in her other hand raised with three fingers around it.

The French on hearing about the english pronounced W thought they were visually handicapped (among others). It us obviously two V's and not two U's, thus doo-bla-vey :-)

Bag Blog said...

Laughter is the best medicine. Have a great day.

Bag Blog said...

Wow, you have a great imagination!

Buck said...

They split a Ruben sandwich - such an odd choice...

Why is a Reuben odd? I LOVE those things... good ones, anyway. I haven't seen the inside of a GOOD deli in so long, but I'll fix that when I go back east next month.

I loves me some trailer trash. I really do. ;-)

Stefan said...

Your post tickled my funny bone. Guess I shouldn't drink wine before lunch...

Hopefully they will give your Mom an MRI souvenir picture suitable for framing!

Bag Blog said...

My mom loves a good Reuben too, but I'm not sure these are all that good. It is odd because she ALWAYS gets one. I think it is just easier for her brain rather than reading the menu and making a different decision. As for Toby's mom, she said she use to get a Reuben at the horse races in Ruidosa, and they were really good - especially with a beer. Neither of them ordered a beer.