Friday, July 26, 2013

More Crazy Folk

MSN had this article on the Taos Hum as well as other hums. Back when we lived in Taos, there were those who said they heard the Hum, but I was not one of them. Because I did not hear it, I can't really relate. But my theory is that it has to do with trees and mountains and air flow. I guess it could be aliens.  Or as many of the odd folk in Taos think, it could be some secret government experiments.  And there are lots of odd folk in Taos.  Here in OK we have an occasional pounding like distant thunder. I chalk it up to Ft. Sill and their big guns. Blame everything on the government. 

Did anyone watch GMA this morning? My internet was down due to thunderstorms in the area (or Ft. Sill's guns).  So I watched the mass media and their spin on things, but it made me crazy (I could almost hear a hum in my head).  Robin Roberts interviewed one of the jurors from the Zimmerman trial. Basically the juror said that she thought Zimmerman was guilty, but not according to the law. The juror apologized to Trayvon's mother saying that she wanted to find Zimmerman guilty, but she could not do so according to the law. GMA played that up as Zimmerman got away with murder. Really? I thought that is why we had laws so that we didn't just use our emotions and thoughts and hear-say to judge a person.  Why didn't an intelligent lady like Robin Roberts say that or point it out to the juror.  It seems that GMA made what was already a tragedy even worse. Now my head is humming.


Buck said...

Ooooh. I'm glad I missed GMA, coz I might've done SERIOUS damage to my big-ass teevee if I'd seen that sorta BS, about which we have a VERY low tolerance.

Stefan said...

Bodies coming home from the war, and the TV news is all about some dead idiot who went to a gun fight with his fists.

We should sell Florida to Cuba and be done with it.

Bag Blog said...

Your are right. I'm not sure why I watched the mass media in the first place.

Bag Blog said...

It was some crazy stuff. I had to turn it off or lose my head.