Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Report - Duncan Dehydrator

Mr. T is crawling.

Saturday Toby and I did 25 miles in the Duncan Dehydrator. It was a cool morning and a great day for a bike ride. As usual I started slow, but after the first ten miles, I thought, "Hey this is great stuff!"  Toby and I cruised along enjoying the countryside. Then after the second ten miles, I was thinking, "It's a good thang we only have five miles to go!"  I managed to finish strong and do well the rest of the day - other than being very sleepy later in the afternoon.  For those of you who don't know, it took us about two hours to do the 25 miles. That includes two rest stops where we stop to rest, eat cookies, drink gatorade, and visit with other bikers.  I saw a girl whom I went to high school with, and we visited for a few minutes.

Speaking of the rest stops, the first one is at the top of a very steep hill. The road goes along fairly flat then suddenly goes up sharply. Knowing that the hill was coming, I prepared as best I could - making sure I had plenty of room. When you are a short, fat, old lady, you need lots of room, 'cause chances are you are going to come to a standstill or at least go very slowly.  It is difficult to pull this much woman up a hill. I made it up the hill fine, but some jerk came riding up behind me and hollered, "On your left."  When I didn't pull over as quickly as he wanted, he hollered, "Lady!"  Made me mad!  It was not really my problema that he came up behind me, or that he did not have room to go around me because of other people. Why he chose me to yell at, I don't know, but if I could have caught him at the top of the hill, we would have had a talk. Here is the "after" shot. It actually looks better than the "before" pic.

After the ride, we stopped by to see the grand-babies, and I took that video. Then we went home  for a much needed shower.  Next we hopped in the car to go to WF and see Toby's mom. With our vacation coming up, it will be a busy week. Today, I'm taking care of the GGs. Should be fun.


Stefan said...

He looks like he is saying "what's the big deal, anyone can do it!"

There's a lot of type-a people at organized bike rides, I'm sure. Maybe carry a squirt-gun and shoot them in the eye as they pass :-)

Buck said...

Y'all are lookin' good, and Mr. T is still a cutie.

Bag Blog said...

A water gun!n Now why didn't I think of that. Conceal and Carry - I like it.

Bag Blog said...

We are all rather cute - don't ya think?

Jo Castillo said...

Y'all did good! Gene rode 8 miles yesterday. He had a setback after he did so well in ABQ. Riding there is different as it is flat and paved bike trails. He pulled a muscle. He will take his bike to Ark. But don't expect too much, he says.

Bag Blog said...

Toby and I have a little ride we do around the area here. It is about 7 miles - which is just right. Toby and Gene will do fine - Toby likes to enjoy and see the sights.