Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Here at the Lazy B, we often fly by the seat of our pants or wing it as some would say. Jesse has been trying to plan a trip to NM, but she had been wavering on the when to take the trip. Between work and all her other trips, it has been difficult. Yesterday was a mad day of texting back and forth to make a plan and to include sisters and sister-in-laws and to stay with cousins. About the time I thought I had everyone texted and plans in place, Jesse would text with a new plan. When I complained, she texted, "Sheesh!"  Pretty funny. But I think we have it all planned now. We are headed to the mountains tomorrow! Yeehaw! I am so ready.

Now I have lots to do today to get ready to go. I need to kick my brain into gear and getter' done. It is amazing what you can accomplish with incentive.  One minute my brain is working on going to Ecuador, Ecuador, Ecuador. Now it is thinking Red River, Red River, Red River. So, if I post anything in the next few days, it will be from the mountains.

In the meantime, here is a little watercolor I have been working on. It is from a photo Jesse took while in France a few years ago. It is actually my brother and mom, but if you don't know that, it could be a young couple. The photo shows it to be very dreary - foggy even. I like that in the photo, but maybe not for a painting. So I added lots more color and light. Jesse says the day was very cold and wet. But don't you love the little village?


John said...

Can I go? :-(

Buck said...

But don't you love the little village?

I DO. It reminds me of my childhood.

RR should be nice now... we've cooled off a LOT.

Bag Blog said...


Bag Blog said...

It is amazingly cool here, too, for a little while.

John said...

That's the old Lou I'm used to...very direct and to the point...hee-hee. Seriously kiddo, have a great time up in Red and please tell Gorsich, Smith and everyone at Lost Love Saloon Whatley says hi!

Jo Castillo said...

Lovely village painting. Nice light. Oh, have fun in RR. Sorry to miss you, we will start home on Saturday. We had a nice time in Chimayo so you are bound to have a good time in RR. Maybe it will rain for you.