Monday, July 01, 2013

Reality Anniversary

For those of you who thought my last post was sweet and mushy and may have even cried, now you will hear the rest of the story. Toby took Thursday and Friday off - Thursday being our anniversary.  We started out the morning with a bicycle ride at about 7 AM before it got too hot. As we are starting up the first hill, I changed gears to make it easier to pedal, but then I went too far - spinning my pedals and going nowhere. So I over corrected and made it too hard to pedal. It was at this point that Toby flew by me and said, "Gear down." 

Now you women out there will understand this, but maybe not you men. When someone says turn the AC up, it throws me. In order to turn up the AC, you actually turn it down. So should you actually say turn down the AC or would that mean to set the temp up. Confusing. It is the same with bicycle. Toby says gear down, but he actually means to put the bike in its higher gears - the easier ones to pedal. To me, low gears are the hard to pedal gears. Like in a car you call the power gears the low gears or the granny gears. These gears have the power to get the heavy car going.  But when your car is going fast, you shift to a higher gear in order to cruise. So when Toby says,"Gear down." it throws me. Does he mean for me to go to a hard to pedal gear or a easy to pedal gear? So, as he flew by and hollered, "Gear down." I hollered, "Don't tell me what to do. I don't know what the hail you mean!" Nice. A fight on our 36th anniversary. The good news is that after 36 years of marriage, Toby did not argue the point with me, 'cause he knows I will fight.

If you are wondering about my spelling, I do know how to spell hell. Being a true Texan with a slow Texas Twang, I tend to pronounce it hail - not hell. And most of the time hail has two syllables. If I use hail rather than hell, you should know I'm still okay - not over the edge or truly mad - I still have my sense of humor. If I say hell, chances are that I am truly mad - not kidding with you or joking around. You should probably stay the hell out of my way at that point. Actually, if I cuss at all, you should probably step back. After 36 years, Toby knows me pretty well.

The rest of the day went much better. He took me out to eat and to see "Man of Steel."  He spoils me. 

By the way, Jesse has some more photos up at her blog, Skybag.


Jo Castillo said...

Enjoyed this! We are going to Chimayo for the night. We usually go there in September but won't be here in September, so...... We will have a glass of wine for your anniversary! Cheers!

Bag Blog said...

I would love to be sitting outside at the Chimayo restaurant with a margarita and good friends.

Buck said...

HAIL, YES! ;-)

Bag Blog said...

I seem to have said hail quite a bit this week.