Monday, September 09, 2013

Little Stuff

This morning I tried to post a video from my phone. It just would not work, and it took up lots of my time. Maybe that is why I am not posting much these days.  Or maybe I have nothing. So I went to my exercise class and had them work my butt off just to prove I am not lazy. Now I'm tired - arms are not functioning - legs fell off somewhere. So I made myself a fruit smoothie to give me a bit of energy. It did not taste as good as Toby's smoothies. I just don't have the smoothie touch.

Last week I did make it over to WF to see my Uncle Bobby and Aunt Carolyn. With all the other relatives around WF who showed up, too, I did not get to visit with him much. But it was good to see him. I did get to visit with some cousins and my Uncle Paul. I like my family, so it was a good time. And yet, it was sad, too. Uncle Bobby is 76. I hate that he is getting older and I don't see him nearly enough. Seeing him reminds me so much of my dad. I cried on the way home. Hormones.

This week I have lots to do to get ready for an upcoming art workshop. Chances are that I will not do much blogging, but we will see how it all goes. Right now I should be cleaning house, doing laundry, and getting ready for the workshop - I need some practice. This will be a pastel workshop rather than my usual watercolor stuff. A little nervous.

Economic class:
Last week while tutoring, my Tutoree repeated something she had heard someone else say. Basically it was that Big Oil Companies PAY car manufactures NOT to make better fuel efficient cars. So I pointed out that she drove a Big A$$ pick-up truck that did not get good gas mileage as did everyone in her family. When I asked her why she chose that truck, she answered like any American, "Because I want to." Then I pointed out that car manufactures do make cars with lots better MPG, but that no one in her family owned one. Then I pointed out that if she set at an intersection in Duncan and counted gas guzzlers vs. cars with good MPG that it would probably be about 9 out of ten cars were gas guzzlers here in OK. So people could be driving cars that got much better gas mileage or used other types of fuel, but they choose not to do so. Freedom of choice.  Why would car makers make cars that no one would buy - they make cars that will sell.  Then I asked her if she wanted the government to pass laws, or force her to drive a more fuel efficient car. "NO Way!" was her reply.  So I pointed out that Big Oil does not have to PAY car companies NOT to make fuel efficient cars - the American public does that by choice. The tutoree did not like that lesson.

Max is not really allowed on the couch, but I love it when he sits like a human. When we are having coffee in the mornings, he comes in and sets by me.
Here he has his rubber chicken. Toby is wearing his Ecuador pants. The sun is coming up.
Sometimes Max sits very close - as if he does not realize how big he is. Toby was trying to get him to look at the camera, but Max thought Toby was playing.


Alison said...

Lou, apparently you and I went to the same economics classes. Thanks for educating our young folk! (Also good for a chuckle). I'm afraid Max wouldn't fit in my house. He's ginormous! P.S. I wonder if they make a cure/medicine for the "hormones" that make us nostalgic and somewhat emotional when we think of our past and of those folks we miss. I hope not. xoxo

Bag Blog said...

Hey Alison! I have no head for economics - my husband laughs to think that I would "teach" anything. But some stuff is just common sense.

Great Danes are big dogs, but they do like to be inside - very much people dogs. You would be amazed at the places that dog decides to get comfy.

My hormones and the heat - two things that have been raging lately.

Buck said...

Your tutoree has to be at least 16, right? You would think someone of that age would recognize BS when they heard it, wouldn't you? But I suppose you'd be wrong.

I feel for you with your Uncle Bobby. All my elderly relatives are gone now... it's me that's the old guy in the crowd. That's a lil bit unsettling.

Max is a BIG dog.

Bag Blog said...

The Tutoree turned 17 last month, but it is a young 17. I do think it goes to show that some people want to blame everything on Big Oil or whatever else is handy, and that people will believe all sorts of thangs. My job is to teach her to think a little differently and not accept everything she hears or to argue with a fence post as I do:)

Stefan said...

My dads birthday was last Sunday, he's been dead for 32 years now, but it shocks me that he would be 99 years old today. It really doesn't seem that long ago when he was my age. As I reminisce, it comes to me that he was only five years older than I am now, when he died, so maybe I need to get living, as the clock is ticking.

Maybe your tutoree would like to drive to Winnemucca in her gas hog and play poker with me?? :-)

Bag Blog said...

Toby's dad died 31 years ago. Toby is now the age his dad was when he died. Live well, but live better.

Jo Castillo said...

Now you made me weepy! Dads are special. Love the economics lesson. You need to work on a lot of older folks, too.