Monday, September 16, 2013

Art Workshop

It has been ten years since I have done a pastel workshop and probably five years since I have done any kind of art workshop. This past week I did a pastel workshop with Tom Christopher, a landscape pastel artist. Toby went with me to Eureka Springs, AR where we met my blog buddy, Jo Castillo, and her husband. Since our husbands are both bike riders, they rode bikes while Jo and I painted. We rented a house of sorts with a big deck and beautiful view. :It was pretty perfect.
The workshop itself was very informative. Tom Christopher's landscapes are a bit abstract or maybe what you would call impressionistic. He paints very loosely, layering the paintings with value. I needed the help in loosening up and leaving things alone - before I painted it to death. My first painting of the day was not so good and needs some work. I would show it to you , but I did not take a good pic of it yet. This was my second attempt.  Actually, I started this painting then went to the winter scene here.At the end of the workshop, Tom did a critique on everyone's paintings. He liked this one, but said he did not like the leaning tree and thought I should get rid of it. Maybe I should, but I wish he had said that earlier when I was working on the painting and he was walking around watching. He saw it there and said nothing until the end. I may keep it or not. I did another painting, but it turns out I forgot to take a good pic of it. When I get that done, I will show you. I will also show you some of Tom's work and his process. But today is a busy day getting back into the swing of things. My tutoree should be here soon. The laundry is piled up and waiting on me. The cupboard is bare. So, more on the art later.


Buck said...

The laundry is piled up and waiting on me. The cupboard is bare.

I had those exact same issues this past Friday. They're all fixed now. ;-)

I want Mr. Castillo's tee shirt!

I like both paintings you posted. I can't remember you posting a painting I didn't like, as a matter of fact.

Bag Blog said...

I've been to Wal-mart. Some of the laundry is done. The tutoree is tutored. I need a nap.

Gene did wear some good t-shirts, and that one is pretty neat. I'm sure Jo could tell us where she got it.

Thanks on the painting thang.

Jo Castillo said...

I think that shirt was purchased at Walmart in Albuquerque. He bought it for biking.

We had a great time in Eureka Springs. Having fun breeds learning. Your paintings are beautiful and more or less finished. If you do decide to take out the tree you can brush it off with a paint brush. Just lean it a bit forward so the pastel dust doesn't fall on the part elbow. Gene likes that painting.

We were not so happy to step out of the car in Texarkana to be greeted by 97 degrees.

Stefan said...

Since both pictures have leaning trees, I say keep them (smile). You can come up with something like, "it represents the place where the Bear rubbed his back before I shot him and put him in the freezer." or maybe something about the Bear that got away. If they look this good in photo's they must really look good up close. Ditto on the beautiful!

Bag Blog said...

Toby has not been happy with the heat here at home. We are ready for fall.

I have not decided about the tree, but I probably will work on the paintings a bit more.

"Having fun breeds learning" that may be my motto this year.

Bag Blog said...

Funny that you should mention "bear." While our instructor was demonstrating a painting, he said something about a "bear spot." Someone in the class said, "Well, you could put a bear there..."