Monday, October 07, 2013

The Whole Week

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth or the corner of the Internet. Life has been fairly dull and routine with nothing to tell. I can't even say it was a busy week; it was just one filled with lots of little things.

On Tuesday, I had all eight of my art girls here - it was a full house. We started an acrylic painting, one that I had done a long time ago. All the girls took to it right away. It should be a good painting for everyone.

Wednesday was the usual tutoring and grocery day.

Thursday I went to WF to check on Toby's mom. Although she is improved, she is not back to herself. It is a scary feeling to think that she may never be back to her old self, but the doctor says she will. There is hope.

Friday morning Shay and Lindz came for breakfast and brought us six new chickens (on Sunday, one chicken escaped and Max did her in. Not good) Friday afternoon, I had two ladies come to paint with me. One was my favorite old art student who has surpassed her teacher. I showed her the basic technique learned in the recent workshop using pastels and watercolor. As usual, she took to it and more. She left here with the start of a very  nice pastel.

Saturday, Toby and I went back to WF to spend the day with Toby's mom. The day started off so much cooler than the rest of the week, and there was a chance of rain. The rain missed us, but the day turned out beautiful. I was beginning to feel as if the weather was going to be hot forever (seriously depressing thought). This week is suppose to stay in the 80's. Yeehaw.

The great weather carried over to Sunday, but church went long, and we were inside for a while. We spent the rest of the day being lazy and watching football.  Well, I crocheted, and Toby watched football.

Jesse blew through this weekend. We saw her briefly Saturday morning before she went to OKC with Lindz. They had some sort of help-the-poor-people day cleaning up in the downtown area. Then they went to a concert to hear Kathy Mattea, whom we used to listen to quite often - back in the cassette days. Jesse said it was fun, but not a great concert.

We got to visit a bit with Jesse again after church before she blew back to WF.  She has also been listening to Spanish CDs.  She told me that some of the things you learn on those CDs were quite funny (yep they are) and that she had recently listened to a learning conversation where you were supposedly in a restaurant with a friend. She had learned to say, "Voy al baƱo. usted paga." or "I am going to the bathroom. You pay."  Jesse said, "Finally! Something I can use!"


Buck said...

Sounds like a pretty full week to me. My best thoughts go out to Toby's Mom.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Buck. By Sunday, I was ready to just sit in the recliner.

Alison said...

Another week goes by.... how did that happen so fast? We had a bit of time last week to do some small projects around the house... but I only got to do one batch of apple crisp. I'm hoping for some fresh cranberries soon... time for cranberry sauce! I forget that you are still having the warm temps out there... it's been hovering between 60-70 here. How much longer before you get some relief?

Bag Blog said...

Alison, it is much better - anything other than high 90's is good. Today it is in the high 80's :)

Stefan said...

My problem with languages is that I am poor at grammar. I have to look up what the heck the terms mean, and then where they go in relation to the other terms. So I can build up a huge vocabulary, but then can't form a sentence if my life depended on it.

I think it's normal for a dog to kill chickens. I'd put one of those zapping collars on the dog and every time he goes near a chicken, you push the button and zap him! :-)

Bag Blog said...

Stefan, I struggle with verbs and their endings, which is fairly important in Spanish.

If an animal runs from a dog, the dog will usually give chase. As long as the chickens stay in their pen, they are safe.

Jo Castillo said...

You did have a long week. I had to read Jesse's comment to Gene. We have had a few friends that know that in English better than in Spanish!

Hugs to the moms and to you.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, now that I can ask for red wine from Chile, and then go to the bathroom instead of paying the tab, I'm ready for another dinner with Gene.

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