Thursday, December 05, 2013

First Storm of the Season

For days, weathermen having been predicting a big storm. The cold air hit yesterday and got colder last night. Toby went to work this morning, because there was no precipitation or problemas. But as the day wore on, the sleet started. About 2 PM, Halliburton turned employees loose. Toby made it home, although it was fairly icy out there. Now he is asleep on the couch (not pictured below - ha). I have a nice fire in the wood stove. I have painted several little Christmas cards. And all is well at the Lazy B. In fact, I am ready for popcorn and a movie.

The dogs have been in since earlier this morning. They are happy dogs.

Speaking of popcorn and movies, the other day I was reminded of one of my old students. Marcus was easily my favorite student of all time. I had lots of kids that I loved through my teaching years. Some with problems; some not. Normally I love the underdog. Marcus did not have problems. He was smart - really smart, and just a really good kid. Besides being one of my regular students, he was one of my debaters (yes I was the debate coach - sad, but true), so I spent lots of time with him going on debate trips. Usually, I took a car load of kids to debate tournaments on Friday. Friday night after the tournament, we would go back to the hotel, I would rent a movie and order pizza. These kids were rarely any trouble. They were perfectly happy curled up in my hotel room with their pizza and movie.

Once on the way home from a debate trip to Farmington, NM, Marcus and I had a debate about the fastest way home.  Then we made a bet. We bet a bag of Skittles that I would be home by a specific time. I was maybe one minute past the time - so technically Marcus won the bet. On Monday morning when I came into the classroom and dropped a huge bag of Skittles on his desk, he was thrilled.  It was a great moment.  There were always good moments with Marcus.

So, in art class on Tuesday, one of my art girls brought a bag of Skittles to share. Although I think of Marcus often, the Skittles reminded me that I needed to look him up. He is not on FB. So I Googled him.  He is a lawyer in Alb. I sent him a message, and today he got in touch with me saying, "Ms. Baggett, It is so nice to hear from you. I hope you are doing well. Funny as it sounds, I think about you all the time."

Well I think of you, too, Marcus. What an amazing young man you are. I hope the best for you. You made teaching public school a better time for me. Thank you.


joeh said...

Just don't wear a hoodie with those skittles!

Nice story.

jimk said...

...or go to a gun fight with only skittles.

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