Friday, February 21, 2014

Back Roads to Taos

This is a little painting that I have been working on this week. Using a couple of photos that I took years ago in Taos, NM, I put this together. When we lived in NM, we did our grocery shopping in Taos every week. The main drag through town could be very congested during tourist season. So, I often took the back roads around Taos to avoid the traffic around the plaza. This is some little church with a huge willow tree.

One time years ago, my mom was in the hospital in Taos for some tests. I took the back roads as usual to get to the hospital (before it was out on the south side of Taos).  All along the way, I picked wild flowers growing on the side of the road. I had quite the beautiful bouquet by the time I got to the hospital. Then my hands swelled up and turned red and itchy. I guess I was allergic to something. My mom loved the flowers. I always loved the back roads. 

It is amazing that when I take a photo of my art work and post it, I see all sorts of things I need to work on. 


Stefan said...

That picture will sure wake you up with all those vibrant colors!

I took a "short-cut" once, from Sante Fe, Los Alamos, and Cuba NM. I swear I could have been home in Oregon, it was that nice through the mountains.

I was originally going to hit Amarillo, Dalhart, and then over to Taos, (I've never taken the side road out of Clayton before), but I'd been to Dalhart too many times, and stayed on the road to Santa Rosa for the night, and cut up to Las Vegas in the morning, and then Sante Fe for lunch. I was lucky to hit Farmington as the sun set. I still need to swing by Taos one day, but they probably won't let my old truck inside the city limits :-)

Moogie P said...


Bag Blog said...

We usually take the side road out of Clayton over to Springer and into Cimarron and Red River. Your old truck will fit right in with all the old trucks in Taos. In fact, I think it is a requirement that you have at least one old truck to drive and one to park in your yard. When we lived in Taos, my husband worked with a civil engineer who had retired in Taos. He had been all over the world building things. His quote concerning Taos: "Taos is a third world country."

Bag Blog said...

Thanks Moogie.

Stefan said...

Red River might be too far out of my way, but I was thinking of the back roads to Durango and then Montrose. That is Taos to Pegosa Springs. I don't know if you need an Army escort to fight off the Injuns though :-)
My third world country is Florida!

Jo Castillo said...

I like the painting. You know me and red. Ha. We could never find a back road in Taos, just traffic! We will investigate that idea this summer. We hope to be in Angel Fire again. Hope to see you there.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Jo. I was hoping for a critique from you. Sometimes I like something, but I don't know if others do.

Taos traffic is the pits. I was usually coming from the north and trying to get to the grocery store or Wal-Mart, and I would go way out and around just to avoid traffic. Still, the grocery store was always difficult to get to. The best solution is to have a margarita first.