Monday, April 14, 2014

Okie Weather

Weather can be crazy anywhere, but OK beats all. This was what we saw yesterday afternoon:
Since I live in Stephens County, we watched the weather pretty close yesterday. As the cold front blew in and wind changed from howling from the south to howling from the north, the warm air hit the cold air. There was a tornado sited north of Velma. Not too far from here, but not scary close, tampoco.  We got a good rain and some hail. The storm blew on through pretty quickly. Weather went from the 80's yesterday to the 50's today.  And the wind is still howling.


Jo Castillo said...

I thought I commented here a bit ago, guess it didn't take. I said that our weather is shifty, too. I thought we got away from wind when we left NM and west Texas. Turns out we just got away from some of the dust. Heh.

Bag Blog said...

Not having mcuh dust is one of the good things about ok.