Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Stuff

I have fallen down on my job as a grandmother. Booboo has not been taking good grand-baby photos or photos of any kind lately.  I charged the battery in my camera and then forgot to take it to Jesse's award banquet - duh. Then today the GGs and Boy were over being ever so cute. Did I take any pictures of Mr T playing with the broom? No. Did I take any pictures of the GGs trying to get the miniature pony into the horse pasture? No. What kind of grandma am I? Lazy? Crippled? Brainless? Even when Jesse got out her camera, I used her as an excuse not to get mine. Hopefully she will post some pics on FB, and I will steal them.

The temps turned warm the last few days. I could live with temps in the 80's, but the wind has been blowing like crazy. Makes me crazy. On the days when it would be nice to open a window, the wind will blow stuff everywhere. I think we may have to go straight to the air conditioner. Funny thang is, tomorrow it is only suppose to get into the 60's. I can live with that, too.

My leg is doing much better. I can walk with out limping, but it is slow going due to the fear of pain. I can sit without propping up my leg, although the backside of my thigh is still painful. And I would rather not drop anything and try to pick it up off the floor. Thanks to Gene and his grabber thangie, Toby got a grabber, too, and it is quite handy. Although, sometimes he grabs me with it.


Jo Castillo said...

Well, I'm pleased to know you are feeling better in the leg, if not better in the memory department. I am very sure we are related .... Hmmm. Gene's grabby thang does come in handy. That made me smile, so your good deed for the day!

Bag Blog said...

Anything for a smile.