Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mr. T Spends the Night

Toby brought the GGs home with him Monday night so that they could spend the night and stay with us all day Tuesday. Mr. T was supposed to go with his parents to the City. Unfortunately, Mr. T did not want to be left behind. His mom said he stood at the door and cried after the GGs left. He pulled a bag with him and said, "I pack." He was so pitiful, that I had his parents bring him out so that he could stay with us too.  It was the first time that he had spent the night with us. He did pretty well. The GGs did well too. Here is a photo of Mr. T sitting in the morning sun.
He was a busy boy making lots of messes, but no real harm done. He fed the dogs two bags of chips at two different times by pouring them out on the floor. He poured my coffee on the floor.  He dumped the watercolor water over himself and the floor. He is quick. Or possibly, this grandma is slow - slower than she used to be, anyway.

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