Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yep, I'm Good

This morning I got up early (for a Saturday) and helped Toby load three bicycles into the truck. I helped him round up all the bicycle gear - helmets, water bottles, sunglasses, gloves, etc. Then I watched as he and Jesse drove off to ride in the Duncan Dehydrator. This is the first time I have not done it with them. I had to check my feelings as they drove off down the driveway. Yep, I'm good. 

It's not that I could not have done it this year (just want to go on record with that). After all, I did walk for three days to get to Machu Picchu. What's 25 miles of bike riding? The thing is, I've spent a large part of this summer recovering, and I was not sure I wanted to be sore and recovering after the bike ride. Since May, I have struggled with some sort of mucus-gone-crazy in my chest and head. I am so ready to be well. After the Peru trek, three my toenails fell off. That is the good news, because now I can where my tennis shoes without hurting.  My knee was sore for a while too, but I babied it and it is better. Now I am back to exercise class with a vengeance, trying to get back to where I was before Machu Picchu.

Up until Thursday of this week, Toby had not been planning on riding the Dehydrator. With all my various aches and pains, I have not been riding my bike at all this summer. I really could have done the 25 mile ride, but then my bottom would be sore - probably my legs and arms too. I just did not want to do it this time. Although, it would have been nice if Toby had asked rather than assuming I would not go (miff).  He did ask our son to go. This will be the first year that Bo has done the Dehydrator. It would have been fun to have ridden with my whole family. Oh well.

The ride starts at 7 AM. They will be finished by 10:00 for sure. It's a good thang, too. It is suppose to be 105 today - a true Dehydrator. Yep, I'm good. 
Old photo from past Dehydrator


Jo Castillo said...

Hope the ride went well. Sorry you couldn't ride. Take care of yourself!! See you soon!

Bag Blog said...

I should have ridden. Since it was my son's first long bike ride, we could have been partners while the faster folk moved on.

Moogie P said...

Yep. You're good. G
Ad you're on the mend

bag blog said...

The mend is good.