Monday, September 08, 2014


The baby shower went off without a hitch yesterday afternoon. Jesse and I worked all day Saturday on food and decorations for the shower. Lindz came over and helped us. It was fun having her here to visit with and enjoy. Whenever she and Jesse get together, there will be lots of laughter. We finished decorating for the shower around 7 PM with Toby's help. Then we went out to eat. It made for a nice way to end the day. Since we are talking showers here today, I should mention that we got some pretty good showers - rained all day Saturday. Yep, just pull your roof off, and it will rain for sure. The house was pretty well covered and did not get wet.  The storeroom was not covered so well and things did get wet. Sigh.

Sunday we arrived at the church building early to do some finish work for the shower. The shower was set for after church. By the time we got home, it was 3 PM. Not bad. I think everyone had a great time. Mr. T was pretty silly. I let him get the vacuum cleaner out at the end of the shower. For some reason, he loves to push a vacuum cleaner. He managed to get the cord around a table leg and could not push the vacuum. So he was pushing with all his little might and hollering, "I'm stuck!" Pretty funny!

Speaking of Mr. T, we got him a new bike. It has no pedals and is meant to teach balance. He loved it.


Jo Castillo said...

Awww, so cute! Mr T on the bike.

The shower decorations look great and the food looks yummy. I like seeing the gifts unwrapped! Fun.

Bag Blog said...

Display showers are the way to go - no wrapping paper or sacks! I wanted to hang the paper flowers from a hula-hoop like a chandelier, but it did not work out, and we hung the flowers from the ceiling.