Friday, September 05, 2014

Still Wanting Fall

Yesterday I looked through the fall Cabela's women's catalog. I am so ready for fall.  When I told Toby, he said, "So you want to buy house-shoes?"  That's right! And long-sleeve flannel shirts too. You can take this girl out of the mountains, but you can't take the mountains out of this girl. I am longing for cool air. Mountains would be nice too.

The Boys have been tearing up my house since Tuesday. Today they will put up new trusses. Since a cold front is coming through tonight (temps will be in the 80's - yeha) and bringing possible storms, they may only do a small part of the roof and then cover it again in case of rain. Yep, the only reason we are tearing off the roof is because we need the rain. I's kind of like washing your car causes a sure rain.

Jesse and I are putting on a baby shower on Sunday afternoon. It is keeping me busy this week. I've been making tissue paper pom-poms for decorations. I've been to the town twice to buy more tissue paper. Then last night on the phone Jesse talks about changing the color.

I also baked a pear pie yesterday. One of Toby's coworkers had a death in her family, and he wanted to take something to her today. The coworker actually lost her 35 year old son. The woman is devastated. It is so very sad when a young person dies.

Speaking of the young dieing, you may have read about the small plane crash in CO this past week. A woman and her three sons were killed. Turns out that I knew the woman. She was the niece of my best friends in NM. I had met Tori years ago. I've stayed in her parent's home.  She was a beautiful young girl then. I can't imagine how sad the family must be.  My prayers go out to them.


Stefan said...

I flew for many years, but I can't pass a physical anymore (arthritis). It always amazed me that people will take their whole family in a plane with one engine. Luckily I never had to see an insurance agent, or crunched a plane, but the statistics are against you with lots of people, lots of luggage, and one poor little piston engine. If it was a turbo-prop maybe, but not a piston, those things belong in earth hugging vehicles.

Good luck with the roof! :-)

Stefan said...

I looked at the report, and it said he was in the landing mode, and they came to rest in a field (looked nice enough to land in for me). But I noticed the landing gear was up, so all sorts of questions there. Looks like the family dog also perished.

Jo Castillo said...

You are way too busy. Have fun with the baby shower and shopping!

Sorry about your friend. Plane crashes are eerie. I feel for the families. Hugs.

Bag Blog said...

The roof is coming along. I'm glad that I'm not the one putting it on in this heat.

I've known of another whole family killed in a small plane crash. Makes me not want to fly in small planes.

Bag Blog said...

Eerie is right.

Next week is Jesse's Sr. show at school. I have volunteered to help with the food. After that, my house should be done, and with the show over, things should slow down. Famous last words.