Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Stuff

Yesterday morning when I started my car to go to my exercise class at 7:00 AM, I had to scrape frost off my windshield. It seems so crazy that the temps over the weekend and Monday were in the 90's and now frost. I should mention that one of the reasons there was frost on the windshield is that the carport is full of construction stuff and our car is in the yard.

Yesterday warmed up.  Toby took a half day and we worked around the house and in the yard. From all the construction work, the yard was full of piles of lumber and metal from the roof. Toby hauled trash off, stacked the useful metal and wood, and took the old metal to the junk yard. Yeehaw! I mowed the grass - hopefully for the last time this fall/winter. With the warm temps, the blue stem grass was tall, but mowing has been difficult with the piles of construction stuff in the yard. And then there as has been the problem with my allergies. Anyway, we gotter' done yesterday.

We have also been working to get the house back in order. Last week we bought the tiles to redo the old bathroom. The construction guys were suppose to redo the shower and get it ready to tile. They did most of it, but need to do one more little thing...That seems to be the way of things in finishing the house. Jesse's bedroom is done. Yesterday I got the guest bedroom ready to move furniture back into, but there are several little things that still need doing in the main room. Sigh.

Time is the other problem. I'm taking my mom to Amarillo today to see my nephew (her grandson) play football. He is on the JV team and doing quite well. My dad would be so proud to finally have a grandchild who could play football. Don't get me wrong, my family is very athletic, but we are not big people. My nephew is not big, but he is tall - tall enough to play quarterback. My other nephews were soccer players. I always enjoyed watching them play soccer, since soccer is one of my favorite games. But soccer was not my dad's thing. Anyway, I thought Mom would like to see her grandson play football. Who knows what next year has in store. He may very well be playing varsity, and we will get lots of chances to see him play. But then again, Mom is 83. So I am looking forward to our little road trip to Amarillo and the big game.

The other time-sucker is my campaigning for Josh. We are making the big push before the election next week. There is a chili cook-off this weekend. I'm making three gallons of chili. Then Monday and Tuesday I will be standing on a street corner with campaign signs. It is actually lots of fun to be with the other campaigners, but I'm glad it is almost over.

I'm really ready to have my house back and my time back. And I would really like to have my art classes back.


Jo Castillo said...

It does look frosty at your house! We are having the most perfect weather. Today is 85 or so. Tomorrow is supposed to only get to 72. Lovely. Our coldest night was about 50 so far. I guess the 72 is your cold front, we shouldn't get frost, though.

I'm anxious for you to get your house done, too!


bag blog said...

I love temperatures in the 70s, and 80s aren't bad. But 90s in October - not so good. Glad it is cooling down.

Okie from OK said...

I don't get up early enough to see frost. Course I go to bed about 2am when it's just forming probably :-)

Bag Blog said...

I'm a morning person. But late night is not for me.