Thursday, February 12, 2015

An Egg Story

Sometimes  a memory goes floating through my brain. Who knows why? But from out of nowhere, the memory comes and makes me laugh out loud:

Years ago, we had a Tex-Mex cafe in Red River, NM. One morning after doing all the prep work and getting ready for the lunch crowd, I decided to fix something for lunch (other than Mexican food) for myself and the kitchen help. I had a hunger for some tuna-fish. So, I set three eggs on to boil while I chopped up onions and pickles. When the eggs were ready, I took them and peeled them. Everything takes longer to cook in the mountains. When I cut into the first egg, the yolk was a tad gooey. So I had this great idea to put the remaining two eggs in the microwave for just a second to finish cooking them. Keep in mind that they were already boiled and peeled. I set the two eggs in the microwave for just a few seconds and walked off to do something. Then KAPOW! The microwave door blew open!  Blew open! I ran to the microwave to find one egg totally disintegrated into fine yellow egg dust all over the microwave and kitchen and the other egg setting their perfectly fine. I hollered at the kitchen help and the waitress to come see what had happened. It was amazing. So I was standing there at the counter looking in the microwave at the yellow egg dust and the kitchen helper on one side of me and the waitress on the other - all three looking at the remaining egg with me explaining what I had done, laughing, and  feeling very foolish. Then I reached up and took the remaining egg and set it on the counter. With my knife I barely poked it, and KAPOW! The egg blew up into another round of fine egg dust. My helper and waitress, both fell backwards. I remained with my knife poised to cut the egg, but the egg was dust.  With the helper and the waitress both on the floor and all three of us covered in egg dust, I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. The other two did not find it nearly as funny as I did, but then I was not on the floor.

No one was hurt in the egg incident. It was the surprise of the eggsplosion that threw them on the floor. It still makes me laugh.


Jo Castillo said...

Gene will be delighted to read this story. His story is not nearly as good as yours.

When we got our first microwave, the first in our families, we were on our way to Bolivia with it. Gene and my dad decided to try making hard boiled eggs as they both love them. They unpacked it and that was irritating to me that we would have to re-pack it. They at least only put in one and the inevitible happened. It took them quite a while to clean the mess and pick the egg out of the little air holes, etc. I refused to help!! I'm laughing at the helper and waitress on the floor. What a mess!!

Bag Blog said...

I'm glad to know that someone else has blown up an egg besides me.

Okie Dokie said...

We had a guy in the office who would always say "eggsactly" and it drove me crazy.

Bag Blog said...

I hate it when someone says granite rather than granted.