Friday, February 13, 2015

The Detectives

The GGs arrived just as the sun was setting and Toby was feeding the chickens. He had discovered that one chicken was missing. The GGs decided that it was their mystery to solve. While Toby and I worked in the barn, the GGs went searching for the missing chicken. When I came out of the barn, it was dark, and the GGs were searching around the chicken tractor (coop) with a lantern. I hollered for them to come in, because it was getting cold and dark. They didn't really want to come in, but they were obedient. They told me they had found some feathers back behind the house, but no chicken, and there was a opening in the chicken-wire of the coop, and dog prints everywhere. I explained that the chicken must have gotten out of the pen and a dog got it or maybe even one of the cats. I sent them to check for clues in the store house where the cats live. They reported back that there was nothing of the chicken in the storehouse.

GGs: How are we suppose to find out what happened to the chicken if there are no clues?
Me: Yep, it is difficult to solve a murder case without the body.
GGs: So where is the body. We need to find it.
Me: I'm afraid the body has been eaten.
GGs: Not the whole body! There should be some of it left.
Me: Not necessarily. If the chicken got out last night, coyotes could have gotten it and carried it off. Or maybe it was the dogs or possibly a raccoon.
GGs: A raccoon! it was not a raccoon!
Me: Raccoons do get chickens now and then.
GGs: Well, we did not see any five-fingered prints near the chicken coop.

This was all said with such seriousness. I was having a difficult time keeping a straight face - especially the raccoon finger prints.


Okie Dokie said...

I've got (more than one I think) turtles burrowing under my shop. This concerns me as they make big holes, and I don't think my concrete will last without sand below it.

I finally caught one of the big ones (about a foot long). It had a nice camouflage color to it. I put it in my truck and drove it five miles to the river and released it.

When I got back I thought - Gee, I hope five miles is enough !

Bag Blog said...

The GGs love turtles. They have caught a few, but somehow the turtles mysteriously disappear. Could be that someone lets them go.

Jo Castillo said...

Super story. Those girls are smart, take after you.

We used to get tarapins in Lubbock. We never had any that big. There are many turtles in our pond. We have only seen one up by the road, one about the size Okie said. It was very green. When it is warm, there are many sunning on the island in the pond.

Okie Dokie said...

After thinking about it, it was more like about 8 inches long. It was longer than a dollar bill though, and explained why the hole was so big.

I bought a couple bags of playground sand, and I am going to push it in the hole with a 2x4, and compact it a bit. I just hope he/she didn't build a maze...

Bag Blog said...

We get lots of turtle creatures around here. Sometimes they are scary and sometimes not. My favorite are the box turtles with the tall shells.