Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ten Years

Ten years ago today, I started this blog. My son was the only one to read and respond. In fact, he was probably the only commenter for the first year. With the Iraq War in full swing, I followed lots of milblogs. It was my little way of supporting our troops. I also became a Soldier's Angel through blogging. About a year into blogging, I met Buck on one of the milblogs. Ours became a fast friendship - thanks to Buck. He was just that kind of guy - friendly, welcoming, helpful, etc. I miss him terribly.

There are other blog-buddies that I still keep up with - like Jo and Gene. We have lots in common, and they are just easy to be friends with. Some of the other blog-buddies have quit blogging, but I keep up with them through FB. Some blog-buddies I have lost touch with all together. Lately, I read and comment more on other blogs than I write on my own blog.

Mostly my blog has been journaling. We had just bought this property and starting to build. I wrote about our escapades in building, farming, ranching, and grand-babies. The grand-babies were new to us back then, too. In fact, GBN1 will be eleven years old in a couple of weeks. I also told lots of stories about growing up in NM. And of course, there was the occasional rant - sometimes about life, sometimes about politics.

Then there has been my art. Now and then I show you what I have been up to in the art world. At one time I painted a painting a week and posted my work. Both my storytelling and my art have slowed down lately. Several times I have thought about stopping the blog all together, but I keep going - maybe not like the Eveready bunny. Maybe my battery has run down a bit. I think about making my blog more about my art, but then you have to do more art. That could happen :)

There was a time when I had more readers and had some negative feedback from friends and family. I really hate it when someone tries to direct my life and views. I'm just ornery enough to thwart them, but not ornery enough to bite them. Most of those readers are gone now, and I should be freer to say what I want. Not! I still get a "I can't believe you put that on your blog" now and then. I still hate that sort of input. Do they think I don't consider my words before I type them? Don't they know that "What the hell" is usually the decision I go with :)

Who knows what the future for my blog will be? But I am still here and I still love it. 


Murphy's Law said...

Happy anniversary!

Christina RN LMT said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, Murph and Christina.

Jo Castillo said...

Happy Anniversary! I love reading your blog and am lucky it brought your family into our life. Yay! I prefer my blog over other social media. I don't have as many commenters as before. I think facebook has fooled them into joining. I like that I can control my blog and everyone that wants to see it can without going looking. facebook shows me what they think I should see. I also read blogs with a reader so that I can quickly see who has posted and not have to go to each blog. I guess facebook does that somewhere, but in with all the ads and their preferences hard to find. I also didn't join their "messenger" cause they said I had to. Ha. I hope you keep posting.

Bag Blog said...

For all the same reasons you mentioned, I like blogging too. I will probably keep at it, although it may be spotty.