Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day Photos

It's a snow day. Jesse sent a text this morning showing her excitement for her first public school snow day. Yes,  the teachers are probably more excited than the students. For me, snow days mean I  don't have to go to exercise and that makes me a happy camper. I don't really mind exercise with my lady friends, but I hate "going" - if that makes sense.

It seems a good day to share some photos.
This first one is a painting of my hair-dresser, Bre. She and her sisters often do little photo sessions together, and since she and her sisters are quite lovely, the photos are usually great. Last summer when I was trying something new with my portrait painting  I did this painting of Bre taken from one of their photo sessions, but I gave her the painting before I took any photos of the painting. Friday, I went by her shop and took a photo with my phone - not the greatest photo.
 This is a pic of the GGs who spent Friday night with us. We made pizza. I took this photo to send to Aunt Jesse.  She loves silly GG photos.
This last photo is of Ranger - the Prince of Pillows. He is getting to be such an old man. He does love to be comfy. You might notice that one pillow is coming apart. You can put that down to my ability to sew. I bought that material to cover some chairs. I covered one chair with the material. Later I found Ranger asleep on that chair. When he got up, the material was all pulled apart. If the material could not take one dog nap, it was not very good material. I re-covered those chairs in something stronger. Later I decided to make some pillows using that wavy material. It turns out that the material did not make good pillows either. They have fallen apart. But Ranger still likes them. Now I plan on being like Ranger for the rest of this snow day and curling up on some pillows.

This is the actual photo of Bre. Beautiful, yes?


Okie Dokie said...

If her hips really look like that, you can tell her I'm in love :-)

Bag Blog said...

I'll add the photo just for you.

Okie Dokie said...

Thanks! Your shading on the dress is very good. You have the gift of the shadow.

A funny story, there are guys in the car world who treasure the word "patina" and will come to a car show with just the right amount of rust and faded paint. I'm still happily satisfied with luster.

Well, she is quite lovely, and the photo is fun. The green shoes are quite punk though, and yours are less shocking, hee.

Jo Castillo said...

I love the photo and the painting. You did a super job.

Ah, snow days. That is cool for Jesse. You, too. We didn't have much moisture, just damp and cold. Our high today was 37 so bet you were a bit colder.

Baseball postponed to tomorrow night supposed to be 45 then. Ha. Doubt we will go. We get the Longhorn Network now for home games. Big screen, pause, slow motion, etc. Ha. Don't know why we got tickets! We have already stayed home for two games.

Bag Blog said...

Jo, Yesterday's weather was not bad - still cold, but we had some sunshine. Today it is suppose to be in the 50's. Then it is back to cold by Thursday. I think I would rather nest up in front of the TV to watch baseball right now.