Friday, March 27, 2015

Learning Process

It has been a busy week with Monday being my only free day.What's a free day? I did laundry and housecleaning that day knowing the rest of my week was full. Tuesday was art with my girls.  I worked to get my art room set up for them and then only two showed. I was good with that.

Wednesday I babysat the Grand-Babies while their mom had her doctor appointment. Since it was a fine day to be outside, Toby brought lunch from Burger King and we ate in the backyard. The GGs love Sprite, and so that is what Toby bought for them and Mr T. I'm not sure Mr T had ever had Sprite, because he kept saying "This good!" The GGs and I played a round of croquet - it was great fun. Later while I visited with their mother, the GGs played another round of croquet. Soon they got into a squabble. GBN2 tends to fudge a little - she pushes her ball with her mallet until she gets it where she wants it and then takes her swing. GBN1 told her that was cheating. Squabble. GBN2 dramatically erupted with, "I'm not playing anymore!" She said this over and  over for emphasis. Then GBN1 drolly said, "Well I guess I win." This sent GBN2 over the top as it was meant to do, and she screeched, "It does NOT mean that you won!" Then in unison GBN1 and I said, "Well, yeah, it  kind of does."  My DIL probably thinks I am a horrible parent. GBN1 reminds me so much of her daddy and a bit of her great-uncle (my big brother). It is all a learning process.

Speaking of learning process, yesterday I went to the alternative high school to teach pottery. If you are thinking, "Are you a potter?" You'd be right. My friend, Glenna, teaches art at the alternative school twice a week. Occasionally she has called on me or Jes to come in and help out. Since Jesse is now busy with her own classes, I got the call for pottery. It really went well. There were three classes of five to six students. I did a demonstration and then helped the kids who were willing to give the potter's wheel a go. I really did enjoy myself - playing on the wheel, teaching, and teasing the kids is always fun.  I still have some alternative thoughts to alternative schools, but I won't rant right now. Maybe later :)

Today I will go to town to take the GGs to piano lessons. I'll probably have lunch with Toby. Of course, I'll swing by Wal-Mart, 'cause that is what we country people do.


Jo Castillo said...

My chuckle for the morning. Love those kids. Nice to have pottery as a second or third or whatever skill. You are a born teacher, too. Hope your week went well, can't believe it is Friday.

Bag Blog said...

Time is flying by! Those GGs are getting big. You need to meet Mr T. And the next Grand Boy will be here soon.

CenTexTim said...

My wife used to do pottery - many, many years ago. We still have a box of her tools (?) in the garage, and a few of her pieces on shelves in the house.

Coupe said...

Just think, when the grandson finishes high school, it will be 2032. Yikes.

My wife and I still play "did so, did not" with each other like kids. I would say, you took a bigger scoop of ice cream! Did not! Did so! Did not! Did so! She's a big bully.

Bag Blog said...

We wives have to be bullies. Toby and I bet each other huge amounts of money over silly things.

Bag Blog said...

I have a potter's wheel and kiln, but they are in the barn. Here in OK the weather is usually too hot or too cold to work in the barn. There's about four days when it is perfect weather. Those four days are coming up soon :)