Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring Dance

Last Friday Toby took a half-day, and we headed over to WF to take his mom to preregister at the local hospital for a little minor surgery coming up.  We spent some time with his mom, ran some errands, and came home that evening. We did the happy dance, because we got everything done on Friday and did not have to go to WF on Saturday as we usually do. But the happy dance was short lived. At 6 AM we got a call that his mom was in the emergency room - nothing serious - has happened before. We just needed to head that way and get her home. So back to WF we went. Such is life.

We did get to spend some time with Jesse, since she was home from her spring-break ski trip.  This pic was taken in Angel fire. This was at the cross country ski area on Bobcat Pass - might make a nice painting.

It is spring here. Things are warming up. Trees and flowers are blooming. Skunks and critters are roaming. We had one skunk that kept coming up into the carport to eat dog food. Our dogs would bark at him from inside their dog house - smart dogs. One day I went out to see what all the fuss was about and nearly walked up to the skunk, but he saw me and sauntered off into the pasture. Now I was onto his ways. The next evening when I heard the barking, I looked out the window and sure enough the skunk was there eating dog food. Then Toby and I did a Keystone Cops routine getting out the door with the gun and the flashlight. Unfortunately, we scared the skunk off before we could get a shot off. Then the next night we did better. We heard the barking, checked outside, saw the skunk, got the gun, got the spotlight, went after the skunk, and killed him dead. Victory dance!

Speaking of critters and spring, I counted nine deer in the pasture yesterday morning. It reminds me of the time when we lived in NM. Toby came in and said, "I saw a herd of elk going to work this morning!" "Really?" I replied, "Where do you think they work?" Bo piped in with, "Did they have their lunch boxes?" Toby stomped off saying, "I hate being married to an English teacher." Bo and I still laugh.

Here is a photo of my dog-eaten phone. There was no saving it or anything on it. If I had your phone number, I do not have it now. We did the ol' switcheroo at the phone store. I now have Toby's old phone and he has a new/old phone. Our friend, Shay, had a replacement phone,older but never used, that he sold us. Since Toby wanted a smaller phone, he took the new one and I got his. I'm happy with that. Maybe I'll dance around.


Coupe said...

See, now that's snow! I don't like the little bit of snow, I like the snow that doesn't melt for three months. Although I never skied, you couldn't keep me off the toboggan hill, or the buffet line. Is that a ooga horn on her head? ha. I think the green caps cuter.

Bag Blog said...

The snow in NM is beautiful and fun, although it is tiring after about 7 months of it. Snow in OK or TX is just a problem.

I don't know what that is on the ski helmet - maybe a camera mount. You can tell it is my daughter in the green cap - she is not techie either.

Jo Castillo said...

Nice photos.

It is so hard to keep up with parents. We are past that and now we need keeping up with. Every time Jennie moves she is careful to have a "rest" home nearby. Ha.

Gene is the language policeman in our house. He is very aggravating, tell Toby I sympathize with him!!

I'm happy the snow is in NM and not here. It was 43 this morning and will get to 75 or more. Crazy weather.

Bag Blog said...

Our weather has been similar, but the wind has been howling.