Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Between the new baby and the older parents, it has been a busy few weeks. Throw in the huge amount of rain and thunderstorms and things get complicated quick. The rain has been wonderful, and the pond is full and overflowing. Yesterday was a really nice day without any rain complications. I did do a bit of babysitting early on. Then I came home and mowed the grass, which was getting pretty deep.  Toby brought home pizza since Bo was coming over with the GGs and Mr T. They got here about 6 PM. While I entertained the grandkids, Bo and Toby brewed beer. They left about 9 PM. I slept pretty darn good last night.
Here is a photo taken at the hospital.

Sara and the new baby did not come out. I'm sure they needed their rest. The new baby, whom I think I will call Jet, is doing great. I managed to get in some grandma time while babysitting. I just happened to be wearing a brown striped shirt that matched Jet's brown stripes. He is very cuddly.

Today is art with my little girls. We will probably only do one more art class and then stop for the summer. I like spending time with the girls, but it will be nice to take a break.

I should mention that Toby's mom is home from the hospital and the physical therapy hospital. She is doing amazing for an 85 year old who fell and broke her neck three weeks ago. I wish my mom was so easily fixed. Parents and parenting is a tough business.


Moogie P said...

I hear ya. The new one is adorable! Hope the parents are doing better -- my Daddy just turned 86 and is coping with COPD. Congratulations on the new family addition!

Bag Blog said...

The parents are doing better, thanks. And the new grandbaby is really good.

Jo Castillo said...

Beautiful hospital photo and so cute of you and Jet. Hope your "moms" are better. I can't imagine the broken neck. My face is still sore after 11 days. Yikes! Hugs to your mom, so much patience needed. Sending you the positive vibes.